Is This The Happiest Place In Miami?

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-On a quiet, secluded street in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood sits a house that few locals have ever paid much attention to

-The Little Farm House (281 N.E. 84th Street, Miami) is part event space and part animal rescue. 

-Conceived by Gabriella von Rosen, The Little Farm House is now an in-demand venue for photographers and video shoots. 

-But while it generates revenue, it is also taking care of scores of rescue animals. They range from dogs to a pony. 

-It all started when Gabriella came across a vacant 100-year-old home on NE 2nd Ave and 84th St in Miami. The home had been on the market for over 3 years and it was in rough shape. 

-“It snowballed into doing events and doing photoshoots and flimsiest. And that is actually now our bread and butter,” von Rosen said in an interview with RISE NEWS. “We’ve had British Vogue, Elle Magazine, Urban Outfitters; Telemundo loves to come here for their soap operas. 

-But the real heart of the place are the animals. Gabriella and her professional skateboarding boyfriend Danny Renaud rescue animals and let them live on the property. 

-Gabriella has built a truly unique space in the heart of Miami’s urban sprawl. 

-Renaud said of von Rosen: “She is very talented and people all the time tell me how gorgeous the place is and I tell them that I have nothing to do with it. I just make sure it doesn’t catch on fire and I’ll fix something if it breaks. But, she decorated all this and people love it. I love it.” 


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