He’s Forced To Collect Quarters From Aldi’s Shopping Carts To Keep From Being Homeless

UPDATED- July 10, 2018

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Many have asked for an update about Shane Rasche. Three months after our story, Shane has still been unable to find a full time job. He says he’s tried everything- even going to an job agency but nothing has worked. But thanks to RISE NEWS readers who reached out after watching his story, Shane was able to pick up some part time work cleaning a yard. The same family who gave him the part time gig also took him out to dinner one night. His landlord has been very understanding and has allowed him to stay in his North Miami apartment despite the fact that he owes thousands in unpaid rent. Finally, late last month, Shane received his first Social Security check for around $1,200. It isn’t much- especially with all that he owes, but he is able to survive on it. At 62, Shane says that he still wants to work and give more to society. He also said that he would gladly take a job if one was offered to him. Until he is able to pay off his debts, he will still be in the Aldi’s parking lot collecting quarters. If you would like to help Shane, we can put you in touch with him by emailing us at [email protected].

Original Story:

-Shane Rasche has lived and woked in North Miami for nearly 50 years.

-All that time, he’s paid taxes and been a productive member of the community.

-But after the K-Mart that he worked at for nearly a decade closed last year, he’s been unable to find a job.

-Now, only a few months before he recieves his first Social Security check (and some financial safety), he is about to be evicted from his apartment.

-He’s been forced to collect quarters in the parking lot of an Aldi’s on Biscayne Boulevard (1290 NE 108th St, Miami, FL 33161) so he can feed himself.

-If you have a way to help Shane you can email: [email protected]

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