Miami Landmark Football Sandwich Shop Will “Reopen Soon”

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–There is literally a sign of life at one of Miami’s best loved sandwich joints. 

-Football Sandwich Shop (8484 NE 2nd Ave, Miami) has been closed for months for an unknown reason.

-But a new sign placed on the inside of the door at the shop is raising hope that it may open again. 

–The sign reads: “Closed due to construction. Will reopen soon.” It also says to send emails to an address that bounces.

RISE NEWS first noticed the sign on April 13 and sent multiple messages to a working email for the shop over the course of a week- but no one responded. 

–Yelp and Google have listed the restaurant as closed. –And there were rumors that the owner was trying to offload the property. 

-Football Sandwich Shop has operated in Miami’s Little River area since 1972 and is well known for its ties to Miami Dolphins history.  

-The shop is covered with drawings of former Dolphins greats and sandwiches are named after legendary players like Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka. 

-There has been significant construction along NE 2nd Ave for months. 



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