Senator Lied About Her Mother Being Dead During Irma To Skip Power Outage Line

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–State Senator Daphne Campbell lied about her mother being ill in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Her mother had been dead for at least a year by that time. 

RISE NEWS was the first to expose text messages Campbell sent to a FPL lobbyist one day after Hurricane Irma impacted South Florida. 

–The messages revealed that Campbell tried to use her status as a State Senator to get FPL to turn on electricity at her home.

–Her reasoning for the abuse of power? She had a sick mother at home who needed electricity to run an oxygen machine. 

–Campbell texted: “Can someone helps [sic] me with the power. I do have a sick person in my house and she’s using oxygen. The address is… [address redacted]. Same than my children’s house…[address redacted]. Thanks Senator Campbell.”

–The problem (one of many with that rationale) is that Campbell’s mother was dead at the time, according to Campbell’s own words. 

–Campbell was caught by the Miami New Times in the latest lie after reporter Jerry Iannelli came across a Youtube video from 2016, where Campbell talked about her dead mother. 

“My father and my mother died,” she says around the 2:20 mark of a video posted to Youtube in 2016

-A Campbell staffer tried to defend his boss to the New Times by saying that she wasn’t actually talking about her biological mother. “Instead, Campbell was referring to a long-standing family friend whom she allegedly refers to as ‘mom.'” The staffer did confirm that Campbell’s biological mother was dead. 

–Campbell called the original RISE NEWS report “fake news”. About that… 


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Original RISE NEWS story from 9/17/17: EXCLUSIVE: Senator Tried To Use Connection To FPL Lobbyist To Get Power On For Her Family Post Irma

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