Inside Miami’s Only Rastafarian Church

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–Priest Douggie Smith and his team at the First Rastafari Church and Cultural Center of Florida are doing something unique. 

They are trying to get local Rastafari out of the shadows and into the center of the larger community. 

-Priest Douggie: “We didn’t create a space for Rastafari alone we created a space for the community so Rastafari and the community can interact together and build our community in a positive way.” 

-Priest Douggie’s message and style has attracted some interesting non Rastafari people to his new center for cultural events.

According to Priest Douggie, there is a large Rastafari community in South Florida, but they are scattered around the region. 

From 1993 to 2007, there was a Rastafari church in Miami but it was forced to close during the recession. 

-From that time to the opening of the new center, local Rastafari had to meet at homes and in parks to worship with each other.


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Rich Robinson is the CEO and publisher of Rise News. He is also a journalist and a native of Miami. Robinson graduated from the University of Alabama and can be followed on Twitter @RichRobMiami.
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