Miami Vignette: The Boys Who Gave Their Library Their Favorite Stuffed Animal

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6 year old Milan and 3 year old Sascha Saravia love their huge stuffed Woolly Mammoth.

They were given it and another huge toy dinosaur as a gift from a family friend a few years ago.

But they decided to give it away to one of their favorite places, Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores so that other kids can enjoy seeing it too.

Brenda Holsing, the Youth Services Librarian at Brockway said that the mammoth has been a hit with the scores of children who see it each day since it was donated a few months ago.

The mammoth that the Saravia boys donated to Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores.

Their dad Adrian Saravia said that the decision to give away the mammoth was a joint venture between the two boys.

“They visit the library at least three times a week and it’s a place that they enjoy a lot,” Adrian said. “And it just seemed like a nice thing to share with other kids.”

The boys are in the library’s summer camp program and also attend a monthly science program there during the regular school year.

From left to right: Adrian Saravia and his two sons Sascha and Milan on the wholly mammoth they donated to Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores.

So they spend a lot of time in the small, community run library.

“We feel very safe and comfortable and feel that they’re in a nice environment where they can meet people in the community,” Adrian said. “We’re very lucky to have a library so close and to have such a good group of people who care for the kids.”

Adrian said that the boys intend to eventually donate their giant toy brontosaurus to the library too.

The mammoth is now found on top of a book shelf opposite a longtime Brockway Library resident, the dragon.


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