Jeff Greene Is Helping Daphne Campbell In The Final Week Of The Campaign

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Updated: 2:27 PM EST- August 22, 2018

–Jeff Greene, a Democratic candidate for Governor has been assisting Senator Daphne Campbell’s struggling campaign in the final days before the August 28th primary election.

-Greene, through his PAC, paid for a slate that endorses Campbell and a series of other local and statewide Democratic candidates. 

–Greene’s action has drawn harsh criticism from many in Miami-Dade Democratic politics.


Jeff Greene has promised to use his immense wealth to help Democrats beat Republicans up and down the ballot in Florida this year.

But he’s also helping one controversial incumbent Democrat fend off a fellow party member  in a high profile state senate race.

Flyers that claim to be the “Miami-Dade Democratic Slate” feature a headshot of Greene next to popular Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

Below Greene on the endorsement card?

Embattled Senator Daphne Campbell.

“Shame on Jeff Greene that he would do something like this,” Sears said.

Campaign workers for Senator Campbell have been seen passing out the flyers in Miami Shores and Biscayne Park by local community members and by a RISE NEWS reporter at the North Miami Public Library early vote location.

The “Miami-Dade Democratic Slate” flyer was paid for by Greene’s “Florida Defense Fund”, a PAC he set up at the end of July according to public records on the state election website.

And according to a source inside the Greene campaign, Campbell’s ex-husband and current campaign advisor Hubert Campbell is now working as a field organizer for the Palm Beach billionaire.

Greene campaign spokesperson Claire VanSusteren said that Greene has not endorsed a candidate in the race between Campbell and former Miami-Dade assistant State Attorney Jason Pizzo.

VanSusteren also said Greene has never given money to Campbell or Pizzo.

Tangela Sears is a well-known Miami politico and anti-gun violence activist who has strong ties to Congresswoman Wilson.

Sears blasted Greene for paying for the flyer and using Wilson’s picture on it.

“It’s got the Congresswoman’s photo on that to mislead the voters,” Sears told RISE NEWS in a phone interview. “We know that the congresswoman has endorsed Andrew Gillum [in the governor’s race].”

Sears said that this was a political trick that has a long history in Miami politics but that it distracts from real issues facing the community.

“Shame on Jeff Greene that he would do something like this,” Sears said.

She also had choice words for Senator Campbell.

“I guess Daphne Campbell, being desperate, accepted the money,” Sears said. “Campbell will work with any candidate. Loyalty really doesn’t matter to her.”

Senator Campbell is in the middle of a brutal re-election fight with Pizzo.

Slates are common in Miami politics. This one is supportive of Andrew Gillum’s campaign for governor and is paid for by Miami politico Willis Howard. It was being passed out by Gillum paid staff at the North Miami Public Library early vote site.

Though she has never lost an election and has been in elected office since 2010, a recent poll shows that Pizzo has a solid lead in the race.

Campbell has had a tough year.

After Hurricane Irma, she was caught texting an FPL lobbyist trying to get him to turn on the power at her home, she has had to face questions about whether she has ever lived in the district that she represents in Tallahassee and has called the police on reporters, twice. She has also confirmed her continued opposition to gay adoption and abortion rights, two stances that many Democrats feel is in direct contradiction to the values of the party.

 “They matter,” Hardemon said. “When those slates get in the hands of older people, who vote right down the line.”

The Greene campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

A source connected to the Greene campaign told RISE NEWS that Hubert Campbell- Senator Campbell’s ex-husband is working for Greene as a field organizer.

A Campbell paid staffer holding the Jeff Greene PAC flyer under her left arm while working the North Miami Public Library early vote site. Photo: RISE NEWS

A source connected to the Greene campaign said that the flyer was generated by local community organizers and paid for by the PAC.

The Greene campaign source said that there is no “suggested or explicit endorsement on those cards”.

State Representative Roy Hardemon said that he wasn’t mad at Greene for paying for the flyer that endorses one of his primary opponents- Joseph Beauvil.

“He’s trying to win the race,” Hardemon said of Greene in a phone call with RISE NEWS. “Typical politics.”

Beauvil told RISE NEWS that he had nothing to do with the flyer.

Despite not being angry at Greene, Hardemon does believe that the slate like the one paid for by the gubernatorial candidate’s PAC, does have a serious impact in elections.

“They matter,” Hardemon said. “When those slates get in the hands of older people, who vote right down the line.”

Senator Campbell’s opponent Jason Pizzo blasted Greene for getting involved in the race.

“I thought Jeff Greene was directing resources to competitive state races to help Democrats, not to indirectly fund one against another,” Pizzo said in a statement to RISE NEWS. “And frankly, funding a slate card with someone who votes against fundamental democratic values, makes this even more confusing.”

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