Here’s Some Of Andrew Gillum’s Boldest Policy Ideas

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–He’s been called a “radical” who supports “socialist” policies that are dangerous for the state of Florida. But is any of that true?

-We look into Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s boldest policy ideas. 


1) He supports legalizing marijuana in Florida and taxing the sales of it to pay for public education. 

2) After being elected, he would immediately expand Medicaid to give healthcare to a million lower income people who currently don’t have it. 

3) In the long-run, he supports a “Medicare for All” universal health care system for Florida. He’d raise corporate taxes to pay for it. 

4) He wants to make Florida the “solar capital” of the country and wants to make the state a leader in combating climate change.

5) He wants to raise Florida’s minimum wage to $15 an hour

6) He supports efforts to abolish ICE

7) He supports an assault weapons ban, mandatory background checks on those who want to purchase a gun, closing the gunshow loophole and banning the purchase and possession of armor piercing bullets. He’s also been taken to court by the NRA due to gun control measures he’s taken as mayor of Tallahassee. He won that suit.

8) He would “suspend” use of the death penalty until he could be assured that it was being applied equally to all, regardless of race. 

9) He would use his executive authority as governor to declare a state of emergency to temporarily suspend Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law for 60 days. He would push for it to be overturned. 

10) While not an official policy, it’s worth noting that he supports impeaching President Donald Trump

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