Making Little Haiti, Miami’s Next Big Tourism Destination

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–For a group of young Haitian-Americans, Little Haiti is poised to become Miami’s next big tourist destination. 

-Each Saturday, Jean Cidelca leads dozens of people on a tap-tap bus tour around the area. 

-It’s the first of its kind in Little Haiti. 

-The tour takes visitors to historical landmarks including to the monument to Haitian Revolutionary leader Toussaint L’ouverture.

-L’Ouverture is a sort of George Washington figure to Haitians. He helped lead the slave revolt that resulted in the overthrow of French rule in 1804. 

-The bus also stops to let guests take pictures of street art produced by Haitians including Miami’s graffiti godfather Serge Toussaint.

-One of the more “wild” parts of the tour is when it stops at Earth N’ Us farms. It’s literally a hippie’s dream from the 1970s. 

-Complete with a three story tall treehouse, Earth N’ Us is a commune of sorts right in the heart of Little Haiti. 

-And there’s plenty of animals to check out while you’re there too. 

Cidelca’s tour is in partnership with the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, the centerpiece of goings-on in the neighborhood. 

-They tried to get some of the big tour bus companies to start coming to Little Haiti, but they didn’t get any takers. 

-But now, there’s a cool way to see the area with local eyes. 


WHEN: Every Saturday
TIME: 10am & 1pm & 3pm
DURATION: 75 Minutes
MEETING POINT: Caribbean Marketplace | 5925 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33137
PRICE: $10

Reserve tickets:

Call: 205-649-0787 For More Information (Not a typo- the area code is 205)

Private Bus Tours Available Upon Request.


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