Journalist Denied Access To Palm Beach Polling Place

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–Palm Beach Post reporter Lulu Ramadan was denied entry to a polling place in Boca Raton after she tried to access it to talk to voters leaving the site.  

–According to a series of Tweets, Ramadan was asked to show ID when she attempted to reach the polling place located inside the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton. 

–The gate is closed and not open to the public. When she showed her press badge, she was turned away because she is not a voter at the precinct. 

–This seems to be a violation of election law as Sun-Sentinel reporter Dan Sweeney pointed out: 

RISE NEWS called the Homeowners Association at Woodfield Country Club (the entity overseeing the polling place) and was told by the property manager that they had made a “mistake” in denying Ramadan.

–”We just got a call from the Supervisor of Elections telling us we made a faux pas,” Joan Burres, the property manager said. “Sorry that happened.” 

–Burres said that the HOA had been traditionally informed that media was not allowed on the grounds of the country club. She also said that they didn’t realize that the site became “public” when it was being used as a polling location. 

Ramadan reports that the site is one of the biggest precincts in Palm Beach County with 2,217 registered voters.

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