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What Is Social Media Strategy Anyway?

A social media strategy is specifying and sorting out the steps necessary for executing a sustainable, well-defined business goal using social media as the vehicle.

In other words, it’s an outline of all the things you want to accomplish using social media and how you’re going to do it.

It should be treated as any other business plan or proposal, with excellent attention to detail, because it will be a major part of your company’s future.

The everyday use of mobile has changed how we experience an individual or organization for the first time.

The Internet is now how we decide which movie we’re going to see or which restaurant we’re going to eat at.

Our decision-making process is now a collective one, where we review what others feel or think about a product, service, or brand before we act.

We look through Yelp reviews, watch YouTube videos and read blogs.

A savvy social media campaign can shift how an organization or person is viewed by the public and can be the method used to establish a brand, which is why it is so important to lay the groundwork in a way that is not only impeccable but measurable too.

When developing your strategy, organize it in a way that not only makes sense to you, but also gives you a method of measuring your success (or the lack thereof).

You want to know what worked, what didn’t, and why something did or didn’t work so that you can alter your tactics or repeat them. So when organizing your thoughts, place them in categories of goals and metrics.

A social media strategy has three main parts: Business Goal, Business Metric, and Social Media Metric.

A Business Goal is defined as the desired business result that is to be attained.

All social media strategies must start with a well-defined business goal, and it can be as simple launching your business and introducing it to the public.

A Business Metric is defined as a measurable effect, produced by the social media campaign, which can be related back to the actual business.

A Social Media Metric is defined as a measurement, either by social media site analytics or a tangible item such as a discount coupon, which has traceability to measurable social media campaign conversions.

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