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“We are damn good visual storytellers and we understand the South Florida market better than anyone.”-Rich Robinson, founder of RISE NEWS.

RISE NEWS Brand Studio is the digital marketing and commercial-video-production arm of RISE NEWS. 

Since we are associated with a highly regarded professional news organization, we are able to offer our clients something that most digital marketing agencies can’t: original high quality content production and significant organic distribution across social media.

We’re a startup that is hungry to change the way that companies and brands reach people in South Florida. We keep our costs low and run a tight ship- that means we are very competitive with our pricing and we will never nickel and dime you.

Request A Rate Sheet And A List Of Current Campaign Offerings: [email protected]

Direct Line: 305-968-5514

What We Do:


We Can:

-integrate your brand and campaign creatives into one of our original video stories.

-integrate you brand and campaign creatives into a series of videos created in conjunction with RISE NEWS and one of our legacy media partners. (Including Miami Today‘s well known The Achiever Series)

-work with our distribution partners to get your sponsored videos in front of the audience you want to target, exactly when you want to target them.



We Can:

-produce a stand-alone video for your marketing campaign or for use on your brand’s website/social media channels.

-produce an advertisement for use on broadcast television, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

-edit pre-existing footage to create something new.

-facilitate and coordinate live TV interviews.

-produce music videos.


We Can:

-create visual products that help increase brand ID.

-create a video or video storytelling campaign that is 100% centered around your company or offering.

-leverage our distribution network and distribution partners to take your company’s message where you need it to go.

-create significant buzz and drive local conversation towards your brand or offering.



We Can:

-create visual products to promote events digitally.

-create Facebook event videos.

-create an video editorial campaign surrounding a specific event in order to increase awareness and attendance.


We Can:

-create visual elements including videos to help drive conversation and interest to a brand’s digital channels.

-strategize and implement ways to include social media and digital into a company’s sales funnel.

-create unique, high-impact video cuts for use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and websites.


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