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Miami Shores Restaurant Was Forged On The Seas And Written In The Stars

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–Quiet Miami Shores is an unlikely place to find a high-end restaurant that trafficks in international fusion. 

-But that’s where you’ll find Restaurant Côté Gourmet and its owners, Amina and Matteo.

–She was born in Senegal and is a classically trained French and Italian chef and he is a yacht captain who believes deeply in his wife’s unique approach to cooking.

 **IF YOU GO: 

Cote Gourmet, 9999 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Miami Shores, FL 33138

Sunday: 10 AM to 3 PM

Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM.

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Meet The Three Frenchmen Who Are Taking Over Miami’s Culinary Scene

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Miami Vignette: The Boys Who Gave Their Library Their Favorite Stuffed Animal

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6 year old Milan and 3 year old Sascha Saravia love their huge stuffed Woolly Mammoth.

They were given it and another huge toy dinosaur as a gift from a family friend a few years ago.

But they decided to give it away to one of their favorite places, Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores so that other kids can enjoy seeing it too.

Brenda Holsing, the Youth Services Librarian at Brockway said that the mammoth has been a hit with the scores of children who see it each day since it was donated a few months ago.

The mammoth that the Saravia boys donated to Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores.

Their dad Adrian Saravia said that the decision to give away the mammoth was a joint venture between the two boys.

“They visit the library at least three times a week and it’s a place that they enjoy a lot,” Adrian said. “And it just seemed like a nice thing to share with other kids.”

The boys are in the library’s summer camp program and also attend a monthly science program there during the regular school year.

From left to right: Adrian Saravia and his two sons Sascha and Milan on the wholly mammoth they donated to Brockway Memorial Library in Miami Shores.

So they spend a lot of time in the small, community run library.

“We feel very safe and comfortable and feel that they’re in a nice environment where they can meet people in the community,” Adrian said. “We’re very lucky to have a library so close and to have such a good group of people who care for the kids.”

Adrian said that the boys intend to eventually donate their giant toy brontosaurus to the library too.

The mammoth is now found on top of a book shelf opposite a longtime Brockway Library resident, the dragon.


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The TV Weatherman Who Is Trying To Save Miami From Drowning

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Miami Shores Vice Mayor Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is On Solar Energy

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-Miami Shores Vice Mayor Sean Brady has installed a solar panel system on his roof, a step that he hopes encourages others to get on board with the technology. 

-When he was elected to the village council in 2017 Brady said that he was challenged by a resident about what he had actually done on climate change. 

-The resident said to Brady: “I really don’t want you doing this pie in the sky stuff, what have you personally done to be able to reduce your carbon footprint?”

-Brady said that he was glad he was able to tell the resident that he was pursuing a solar panel system at his home. 

Some of the solar panels on Miami Shores Vice Mayor Sean Brady’s house.

-Brady said that the system has been running since the end of April and that it usually generates more power than he uses on a typical sunny day. 

-Brady should make up for the price of the system in 7 years time due to his lower monthly electric bill. He eventually wants to be off of the FPL grid entirely. 

-Brady said that Florida’s regulatory environment is not conducive for consumers who are interested in going solar. 

Brady shows off his solar panel system. He said that the system should be pay for itself in 7 years due to energy savings.

-As a result, Brady said that he wants Miami Shores to lead the way by making things easier for residents to install solar units.

-An example of this is the fact that the village has waived permitting fees for panels for the next year. 

-There is also a local Northern Miami-Dade Solar Co-op that Brady hopes can build enough scale to make a difference. Miami Shores has signed on as a partner with the co-op. 

Brady in front of his Miami Shores home.

-Brady said that he wants Miami Shores to eventually put solar panels on all of the village’s municipal buildings and he hopes to see change in state laws so that homeowners can have more choices on the issue. 

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There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This El Portal House

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Miami Shores Chamber Of Commerce Moves To New Location On NE 2nd Ave

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The Greater Miami Shores Chamber Of Commerce has moved from its longtime office on a prime corner of NE 2nd Ave. 

–The new location for the office is only 50 yards away, on the second floor of the Chase Bank building (9620 NE 2nd Ave, Ste. 201).

–The entrance is the glass door directly across the street from the Expresso Mart gas station (Chevron). 

The building where the Greater Miami Shores Chamber Of Commerce is now based.

–Why did they move? Here’s the word from Chamber Executive Director Megan Gerstel:

“After many years on that happy corner, we chose to move to a smaller, second floor office because we didn’t utilize most of the old space. We were occupying a prime corner, which we wanted to free up for a potential restaurant or retail business. All in all, it was a great decision for everyone, we love our new office, and we’re excited to see who moves into our old space!”

–The Chamber represents business interests in Miami Shores, El Portal and Biscayne Park and has been in operation since 1949. 

–The Chamber’s 2015 annual budget was $280,000. They put on regular member breakfasts and lunch events and are behind the popular “Green Day” street fair that happens every fall on NE 2nd Ave. 

***Miami Landmark Football Sandwich Shop Will “Reopen Soon”***

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There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This El Portal House

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Miami Country Day Student Wins $20,000 Scholarship From Foot Locker

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–Foot Locker surprised Miami Country Day School (MCDS) student Danielle Geathers with a $20,000 college scholarship Wednesday. 

–Geathers grew up in El Portal with her mom Marva Wiley. 

–Geathers is the captain of the MCDS soccer team and has a 3.9 GPA. 

–She also wrote a children’s book geared towards girls of color. The book is titled “Don’t Touch My Hair!” and reflects the common struggle found by young girls of color who go to schools where they are in the minority. 

–Geathers was one of only 20 people in the US to receive the prize from Foot Locker, which seeks to reward outstanding student athletes who demonstrates “academic excellence and exemplifying strong leadership skills both in sports and within their communities.”

–Geathers will attend MIT in the fall and will study biomedical engineering. 


There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This El Portal House

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There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This Miami House

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–Located right in the middle of a neighborhood, The Open Awareness Buddhist Center has been open and aware for about 15 years.

-Run by Lama Karma Chotso, the center is located in a house in El Portal. 

-For dozens of members, it is a place of real refuge. 

-It is located right on the banks of The Little River. 

-The center started in 1996, when it was located in a Hollywood bungalow. 

-A patron gave the group money to purchase the property from a fellow member in 2003. 

-According to Lama Chotso, there was some controversy at the time about having a Buddhist Songha in the middle of a residential street- but she was able to win over the neighbors. 

-The center offers yoga sessions as well as other Buddhist related activities- including Sunday services. 

This Miami Beach Synagogue Is About To Make History

He’s Forced To Collect Quarters From Aldi’s Shopping Carts To Keep From Being Homeless

UPDATED- July 10, 2018

What’s News In This Story?



Many have asked for an update about Shane Rasche. Three months after our story, Shane has still been unable to find a full time job. He says he’s tried everything- even going to an job agency but nothing has worked. But thanks to RISE NEWS readers who reached out after watching his story, Shane was able to pick up some part time work cleaning a yard. The same family who gave him the part time gig also took him out to dinner one night. His landlord has been very understanding and has allowed him to stay in his North Miami apartment despite the fact that he owes thousands in unpaid rent. Finally, late last month, Shane received his first Social Security check for around $1,200. It isn’t much- especially with all that he owes, but he is able to survive on it. At 62, Shane says that he still wants to work and give more to society. He also said that he would gladly take a job if one was offered to him. Until he is able to pay off his debts, he will still be in the Aldi’s parking lot collecting quarters. If you would like to help Shane, we can put you in touch with him by emailing us at [email protected].

Original Story:

-Shane Rasche has lived and woked in North Miami for nearly 50 years.

-All that time, he’s paid taxes and been a productive member of the community.

-But after the K-Mart that he worked at for nearly a decade closed last year, he’s been unable to find a job.

-Now, only a few months before he recieves his first Social Security check (and some financial safety), he is about to be evicted from his apartment.

-He’s been forced to collect quarters in the parking lot of an Aldi’s on Biscayne Boulevard (1290 NE 108th St, Miami, FL 33161) so he can feed himself.

-If you have a way to help Shane you can email: [email protected]

Watch Another Story: Meet Miami’s Queen Bee And Her Backyard Insect Revolution

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Meet Miami’s Queen Bee And Her Backyard Revolution

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-Bianca Pratorius has helped usher in a backyard beekeeper movement in South Florida by training a clutch of local amateurs in the art of the bee.

-She has turned part of her northeast Miami-Dade backyard and her roof into a beekeeping paradise. (And her neighbors are totally cool with it too.)

-While Bianca only views beekeeping as a hobby, she is able to generate enough honey to sell at local farmers markets. 

-Bianca has mentored Danielle Bender in how to be a beekeeper. Danielle took that knowledge and won a grant from the Miami Foundation for a project called Public Hives. 

-Public Hives places beehives in public spaces in order to increase the local bee population. They also train local residents on how to tend to bees. 

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These Miami Kids Walked Out Of Class To Send Marco Rubio And The NRA A Message

Miami Shores isn’t normally known for its political activism. But students at Miami Country Day School poured out of class and marched to a nearby park in order to send a message to the gun lobby.

Let’s just say that they didn’t hold back.


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This Barry University Professor And His Martial Artist Friend Want You To Die

Death is not a calming thought for most people.

But these guys aren’t most people.

They want you to die. But only after you listen to their podcast.

Brian Lemmerman and Cory Hardaker are interesting figures in the growing South Florida Mindfulness firmament.

Both are young and deeply believe in the power of living in the moment.

Hardaker is a meditation teacher at Innergy Meditation in Miami Beach and a skilled martial artist.

He also teaches self defense to adults and anti-bullying prevention to children.

Lemmerman is a professor of Mindfulness at Barry University in Miami Shores who previously ran an advertising agency.

Together they make up Mindfulness of Doom, a recently launched weekly podcast about “life, peaceful living, and existential dread.”

The episodes are funny and light in tone but they tackle some pretty meaty topics.

Along the way, the hosts remind their listeners that we are all going to die at some point, so we might as well be happy with the time we have.

We recently interviewed sent Lemmerman some questions via email (because we are busy and are GOING TO DIE!). Here’s what he had to say:

RISE NEWS: Tell us about your background and how you got involved in Mindfulness.

Brian Lemmerman: I was born in Miami and grew up in Broward County. I studied Architecture at the University of Miami and graduated at the height of the last recession when there were no jobs available in my field. In response, I started an advertising agency with some friends and taught myself web design and marketing to support myself. It was a fun occupation, but learned it wasn’t my passion. I sold my shares in 2012 and got back into the world of architecture and urban planning for 2 years until one evening in May 2015, I was struck by a vehicle and sustained a brain injury that put me out of designing for almost a year. In the meantime, I continued my 5-year mindfulness practice, and I found daily meditation to be the most effective tool on my healing journey. I decided to teach mindfulness to help others who have their own healing including removing internal barriers that keep us from pursuing our passions. For a while I did some marketing consulting while getting my teaching career started, and as of August, I made the big leap to mindfulness full-time. We’re now working on a business to teach mindfulness and meditation online at a deeper level than our podcast offers. I’m also currently teaching as a Mindfulness Professor at Barry University.

Cory Hardaker (L) and Brian Lemmerman (R) are the hosts of Mindfulness of Doom.

RISE NEWS: How do you explain mindfulness to someone who has never been exposed to the concept before?

I describe mindfulness as an art of paying attention on purpose and without judgement. Many people have this idea that mindfulness and meditation are interchangeable terms, and that meditation should somehow be relaxing and peaceful. In practice, one is mindful as long as they are aware that they are paying attention. And for a first-timer, staying aware and consistently paying attention are difficult tasks. The process is anything but relaxing and peaceful. The mind spouts off all sorts of distracting thoughts and daydreams that pull at our attention every moment. Meditation is one expression of mindfulness, and there are endless meditations one can add to their practice. One of the most common and basic meditations is a breath meditation where one sits cross-legged on the floor and simply watches their breath for a period of time. From the outside, it looks peaceful. Almost certainly however; the practitioner’s mind will be thinking hundreds of noisy thoughts during the session. The point of the meditation is not to stop the thinking. It’s to stay focused on the breath despite the thinking. The mind is designed to think. Why stop it? The heart is designed to beat. It too can be distracting in silence. But why stop the heart? This kind of practice strengthens the mind’s focus and attention, just like weight-lifting strengthens our muscles. Inner peace and unexplainable feelings of joy happen to be fortunate by-products of the work-out.

RISE NEWS: Where did the idea for the podcast come from?

For us, the podcast is a passion project that allows us to share our knowledge and experience with a larger audience. Cory and I began meeting over the summer to concept a larger business idea, of which Mindfulness of Doom is one component. Ultimately, we’re committed to creating a global university or retreat center that serves to educate people in real life skills such as mindfulness, interpersonal communication, physical well-being, financial literacy, and many of the other important skills our mandatory childhood education system doesn’t teach. This school will be made available online first, and the podcast is our first step.

As our first foray into podcasting, we’ve gotten some feedback on roughness in terms of sound quality and editing. We’re improving with quantum leaps each week.

RISE NEWS: Miami is a stressed out place. How do you think mindfulness could help make things better?

I hear people say Miami is a stressed-out place. I hear them say things like “people here are rude and impatient” or “Miami is a shallow party city”. That may be true for some people. One important distinction I learned while practicing mindfulness is that my attention creates my reality. If I choose to focus on my automatic judgements of other people and believe the automatic generalizations my mind invents about places, then some of these phrases might become true for me. Instead, I’ve learned to manage my attention and remain aware of what I choose to believe. As a result, I tend to be surrounded by people who do the same and live in a different story about their surroundings. Miami is a story, and we get to tell it. I choose that Miami is a peaceful and community-oriented place. I live as though this is true, and it becomes real for me. If I’m the minority in this mindset, some might say I’m crazy. If enough of us make the choice to believe and live differently, the collective story about Miami will eventually shift. To change the world, we must first start within.

RISE NEWS: What are you ambitious for the podcast? Where do you see it going? 

We recently launched our Patreon Page and are actively seeking regular monthly contributors to help support us in our transition as entrepreneurs sharing mindfulness in this unique way. We plan to continue producing the show weekly, and as our listening community funds us, we will hire staff, seek high-profile guests, and continue to improve production quality. Cory and I have a book idea, and dreams of traveling to do live events. As we grow, we plan to connect with masters and practitioners all over the world who are making a difference one mindful breath at a time.

Fans can become funders for as little as $1/month. Every contribution helps!

RISE NEWS:  The name, Mindfulness of Doom is obviously pretty unique. But how do you keep the podcast from becoming dark and depressing though? 

Given its name, we acknowledge that Mindfulness of Doom can be an odd first choice for someone getting into mindfulness, but we’ve learned from experience that putting mindfulness in the context of our own mortality creates a sense of urgency to live the most fulfilling lives we can right now while we’re still on earth. The name has a dark yet geeky sound to it, and on first impression, listeners find the podcast light-hearted and humorous. We joke about the end of the world in every episode, but the Doom we’re talking about isn’t apocalyptic. We’re simply acknowledging that this life of ours has an end-point sometime in the future. Getting past the fear of our inevitable demise and honoring our mortality brings a sense of inner contentment and clarity on who we are and what we must do next.

You can subscribe to the Mindfulness of Doom podcast on iTunes, iHeartRadio, TuneIn or Stitcher.

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