VIDEO: Clemson Tiger Fan Launches Into Racist, Homophobic Attack On Miami, Before College Football Game

Update: With the Miami Hurricanes set to play the Clemson Tigers in the ACC Championship game on Dec. 2, this story has started to go viral. It is worth noting that this piece was originally published on October 21, 2015 in the run-up to the regular season UM-Clemson matchup that season. But clearly the increased interest in this article shows that fans on both sides of this matchup are going to be fired up for the ACC Championship. 

Original Story: 

The UM- Clemson “rivalry” doesn’t really exist. The ‘Canes and Tigers are on opposite sides of the ACC and rarely play each other.

But the Miami Hurricanes may have a little more bulletin board material than usual for the game upcoming on Saturday.

A Clemson fan going by the name of SAVAGE TIGERR on Youtube posted and then deleted a racist and homophobic video attacking South Florida in preparation for the game.

The video was saved and then published on a popular Facebook page run by Miami based film director and massive Hurricane fan Billy Corben.

The video below is very NSFW and contains very strong language:

Racist Homophobic Clemson Tigers Fan Rants Against Miami, Mexicans and Homosexuals (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE) — uploaded and deleted by YouTube user SAVAGE TIGERR

Posted by The U on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Video/Photo Credit: Billy Corben/ “The U” on Facebook

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South Florida Tech Should Make It A Priority To Make Miami A 2016 NewCo City

By David Capelli

Miami is on everyone’s radar, as the NewCo movement sparked heightened interest in the Magic City’s bustling ecosystem. I was able to go behind the scenes of Newco San Francisco and Oakland earlier this month. While there, I made the case for why Miami should be the next Newco city in 2016.

NewCo is a movement celebrating people in a city sharing a new narrative of business and culture. From a selected applicant pool companies, non-profits, and initiatives open their doors to the public and share their space, story and experience with an interactive crowd, catalyzing a narrative of collaboration, culture and ecosystem building for a more resilient economy.

“Business is changing” NewCo CEO John Battelle said at Newco’s open house in the Bay Area. “75% of millennials say they prefer working for a company focused on positive change. Technology is not a vertical, it’s horizontal.”

Read More: Start Up Miami-LiveAnswer Leads The Way In South Florida Tech Innovation

At a time when the economy is rapidly changing from an industrial to innovation economy, Newco empowers communities to celebrate and spark new positive change. Battelle, a former media executive with several successful exits, was inspired to start Newco for the Valley to “see a world bigger than them.”

After a while, Battelle realized he needed to “ stop being half- pregnant and go. Just do it.”

NewCo is now in 17 cities and rapidly expanding, with their newest media platform featuring Newco companies around the world on their daily newsletter, building community around the new innovation economy.

NewCo experiences cost at most $500 for the VIP level. The aim is to engage the entire community in the experience. For included companies and non-profits, there is zero cost to host and much to gain, most notably, exposure, customers, and connections. Being selected as a Newco city is a rigorous process.

 “Although I don’t know Miami well, I know Miami has a strong connection to Latin America. To me, that is an interesting narrative for Miami.” Chris Redlitz, Managing Partner at Transmedia Capital said.

“We look to see the city’s narrative, their unique companies and extensive team of various leaders that can pull off all components of hosting a Newco experience,” Lee Ann Mariglia, NewCo’s Communications Director said.

During the NewCo event, I was able to meet the CEO’s and go behind the scenes of Slack, Lyft, BetterDoctor, EatWith, NovaEd, the City of Oakland, Comrade, and Uber. Each session has Newco “ambassadors” that assist with the open-house experiences in the companies.

I served as an ambassador for EatWith, an in-house restaurant experience concept. The next day their team and I grabbed coffee and discussed their interest in entering the Miami market, along with other plans for the Miami ecosystem to spur more food entrepreneurs. Experiences like these connect cities and people together for stronger economies, something Miami has been doing for years for tourists.

Sitting next to me at the Newco session was one of Newco’s first investors, Chris Redlitz, Managing Partner at Transmedia Capital. I asked him what about Miami excites him as an investor and what he hopes to discover in Miami.

Read More: In Miami’s Wynwood Art District, A 25 Year Old Artist Is Ready To Take The City By Storm

“I am interested in discovering global market trends early on and nurturing that unique, fresh talent” Redlitz said. “Although I don’t know Miami well, I know Miami has a strong connection to Latin America. To me, that is an interesting narrative for Miami.”

Miami has a narrative that truly resembles the mission of NewCo of identifying, celebrating and connecting engines of positive change in our society. The entrepreneurial community, governments, and tourism/travel groups all contribute to our developing ecosystem and are critical to having a successful NewCo festival in Miami.

Miami has a new narrative to share with the world: the most diverse and bustling entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country at the nexus of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Let’s tell the story together and make Miami a Newco city in 2016.

David Capelli is Founder/CEO of TECH Miami and a contributor to Rise News.

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Cover Photo Credit: Vladimir Kud/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Miami Lightning Travel Team Win Yet Another Tournament, Makes Noise Around State

By Santiago Archieri

When it comes to Miami, youth basketball and travel programs are not what the city is known for. Now, the Miami Lightning are trying to keep the ball rolling on changing this, one tournament at a time.

The Miami Lightning 7th grade team is coming off an impressive weekend in which they went 4-0 in two days to cap off a championship run.

The USSSA BBA Halloween Jam kicked off on Saturday, October 17, where the Miami Lightning started the action with two games. The Lightning blew out the Miami Warriors 65-32 to get the weekend off on a good note, and carried the momentum versus The BAR, whom they beat 45-40 in a tightly contested and defensive matchup.

Read More: Youth Basketball Program Growing Into Miami Based Powerhouse

The pace picked up on Sunday as every game proved to be a new challenge for the Lightning. The first game was against the BDB Eagles, where the Lightning narrowly escaped with a 59-53 win. The victory secured a spot in the championship game for the Lightning, where they would face the PBG Starzz. The Starzz gave the Lightning a lot of defensive problems, but the Lightning offense stayed strong and they were able to win 69-63 to take it all

Craig Starks (#15) and  Julian Garcia (#13) hold up trophies after a successful tournament.

Craig Starks (#15) and Julian Garcia (#13) hold up trophies after a successful tournament.

The championship was not the only silverware the Miami Lightning would take home. Julian Garcia took home tournament MVP after averaging 13 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists per game. The towering presence in the post, Craig Starks, made All-Tournament first team after averaging 17 points, 12 rebounds and 4 blocks.

Coach Luis Morin’s team also had some impressive performances out on the court. Point guard Jabral Ray averaged 10 points, 4 assists and 2 steals a game.

The Miami Lightning will host a tournament at Miami Beach Sr. High School on November 1, which will feature 4th, 5th, and 6th grade divisions.

The team will also be competing on November 14 and 15 in the USSSA King Of Hoops II, where they will take 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams to compete.

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This Miami Bakery Will Make Anti-Gay Cakes, But Not For The Reason You Think

The owners of Enchanting Creations, a small business located in the heart of Miami Shores, a suburb of 10,000 people situated just north of the city of Miami say they’ve been harassed over the past few months by anti-gay rights activists. The alleged harassment has included numerous phone calls from people asking to place orders for cakes with anti-gay sayings and messages on them as a way to “trap” the store into making a tough business and moral decision.

The tiny shop located on a side street of a quiet block of Miami Shores has finally had enough. Last week, in-between making wedding cakes and cupcakes, they posted the following message to their website. It’s pretty short, and you should probably read the whole thing: (Emphasis added to make reading easier)

“In recent weeks Enchanting Creations has received a series of inquiries seeming to have stemmed from recent events… all of which begging the same basic question:

Will you make us an Anti-gay Cake?

Unfortunately, we haven’t been the only targets; the idea of “setting a trap” for small bakeries to catch them in the act of discrimination has become increasingly more common, and we feel it’s time to clarify our stance on this issue.

The fact of the matter is that we are an American business. As such, it is our responsibility to uphold the law and to refrain from discriminating against our customers, no matter how hurtful or personally offensive we might find their particular beliefs.

Enchanting Creations is a small bakery in Miami Shores that is making a statement for both equality and the First Amendment. (Photo Credit: Rich Robinson)

Enchanting Creations is a small bakery in Miami Shores that is making a statement for both equality and the First Amendment. (Photo Credit: Rich Robinson)

We believe that no one should ever be refused service – opposing discrimination by practicing it is not the answer. The only way to uphold our integrity as a company, and to maintain any hope of an eventual triumph over bigotry and discrimination is to act in accordance with this belief. We will not discriminate against potential customers, not even against those whose beliefs directly contradict our own – if the request is protected by the First Amendment we will honor it. This issue isn’t about approval; it’s about respect.

That said, so far these inquiries have amounted to nothing more than trolling; we have yet to receive a serious order. However, should the day come when an actual order is placed and paid for, we will not profit from discrimination.

Today we pledge that any profits we generate from the sale of a cake intended to discriminate against same-sex couples will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, an organization who continues to fight for LGBT Equality.

We are extremely honored to be featured as an LGBT-Friendly vendor on both and, and we will continue to proudly serve South Florida’s gay community. We sincerely hope that others will join us in finding ways to derive something positive from this ongoing negativity, because in the end we truly do believe that love conquers hate.”

If you would like to learn more about Enchanting Creations, you can visit their website at

This was originally published on on April 15, 2015. 

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Miami Police Officers Kill 15 Year Old Boy After He Allegedly Robs A Drugstore

Miami-Dade county police officers shot and killed a 15 year old boy early Thursday morning after he allegedly robbed an area drugstore at gunpoint.

The boy, who police identified as Jorge Santiago Tapia was recorded on surveillance cameras holding up a gun to a cashier at a Walgreens located at SW 288th Street and South Dixie Highway. Wearing dark glasses and a bandanna around his mouth, the suspect who police say is Tapia quickly fled the scene.

CBS Miami has a rundown of what took place after Tapia allegedly fled the scene:

“Arriving officers spotted a car that matched the description of a vehicle that the armed man drove off in.

After a brief pursuit, Zabaleta said Santiago’s car got a flat tire and came to a stop. Shots were fired.”

The boy had recently celebrated his 15th birthday and was in the 8th grade at Coconut Palm Academy according to a local television report.

“There should be justice for what they did to him,” Angelica Santiago, the suspect’s sister told CBS Miami.  “The cops should have waited to see who was the suspect, not just say he was a grown man, who was going to kill them.”

Seven police officers shot Tapia.

“Not only did he use the gun to commit the armed robbery, of course, we have to assume he is going to use the gun against the officers as well,” Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told Local 10 News.

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Cover Photo Credit: Steven Straiton/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Celebrate Grovetoberfest, French Cuisine And More This Week In Miami

This piece was originally published by our partner and is produced by them. 

Each week, MIAbites will feature the Weekly Nibble highlighting upcoming food events and happenings in Miami.

Wednesday, October 14th–  At 12 noon, The Café at Books & Books will host a delectable lunch in honor of famed restaurant critic and author, Ruth Reichl. Former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine, Reichl is a respected culinary professional responsible for writing a series of critically acclaimed memoirs, as well as a number of books emblematic of her lifelong passion for food. My Kitchen Year, Reichl’s latest publication,centers on her deeply intimate journey as she rediscovers the joys of cooking and the healing power it holds. Tickets are $70 per person(excluding tax & gratuity) and include an author talk, a three-courselunch by James Beard Award-winning Chef Allen Susser, and an autographed copy of My Kitchen Year ($35 value). Reservations required. The Café at Books & Books, 1300 Biscayne Boulevard at the Adrienne Arsht Center. 786) 405-1745;

Thursday, October 14th–  From 6- 10 pm, PAMM presents their popular Third Thursdays: Poplife Social featuring, Chargaux and DJ Kumi presented by The Rhythm Foundation. Enjoy a live performance by string duo Chargaux, featuring opening and closing sets by DJ Kumi, presented by Rhythm Foundation. Purchase happy hour drink and food specials or make reservations at Verde restaurant, and partake in art-making for prizes. Also celebrate the opening of Firelei Báez: Bloodlines and enjoy an Art Talk between artist Firelei Báez and Assistant Curator María Elena Ortiz in the auditorium. $16 admission to museum or member free.  PAMM 1103 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL.

Do you like this? Read more awesome restaurant reviews, tips and event listings at

Saturday October 17th-  Beer enthusiasts from all over will converge at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove to sample unlimited beer from across the country and around the world at Grovetoberfest Aficionados and the “casual beer fan” will take an active role in beer sampling by voting for their favorite beers in three different categories.  They will also sample the festival’s very own Grovetoberfest Coconut Porter, which will only be available at the festival.  In addition to featuring 300 craft beers, Grovetoberfest will include an entertainment stage, a Homebrew Pavilion, a Kitchen Lab for beer/food pairings, a VIP area and Food Row, where restaurants will sell local fare.  Tickets priced from $40 to VIP at $90 available on Eventbrite link

Sunday October 18th- Join Bodega Taqueria y Tequila every NFL Sunday from 12 noon – 4 p.m., for their Football Fiesta party! Come out to  watch your favorite team on Bodega’s massive screens, enjoy drink & beer specials, and an occasional free shot!
Opening its doors early, Football Fiesta takes place weekly from noon to 4 p.m., where guests can enjoy the regular menu along with speciality items added,  including: a $2 Taco special, Gameday Nachos, Pigs in an Empanada, and Bodega Guacamole. Enjoy $2 draft beers, $2 Dobel shots, and $6 specialty cocktails all while watching NFL games on three 70 inch TVs. Dolphins fans will share the victory with a free shot of Tequila when their team scores a touchdown. Bodega Taqueria y Tequila 1220 16th St Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wednesday October 21st- Tour de France with Daniel Boulud at db Bistro Moderne Miami
Join Daniel Boulud in celebrating five years in Miami with a “Tour de France” featuring all-inclusive food and drinks from five different regions in France
. For those that cannot attend the party on Oct 21, the anniversary celebration continues through November with a “Tour de France” 5-course prix-fixe menu available during dinner and “Daniel Boulud’s Top 5 Bar Bites” in the Bar & Lounge. Tickets: $100 including tax and gratuity.  db Bistro Moderne-  JW Marriott 255 Biscayne Blvd. Miami. FL 305 421 8800

New and Ongoing-

Vagabond Restaurant & Bar is thrilled to announce the launch of its new concept, “A Family Affair ” which will offer guests a communal dining experience with a series of Sunday night family-style meals. The first dinner kicks off Sunday, October 18th and will continue on a weekly basis through November 1st, with pre-fixed menus priced at $40 per person. Sunday night family meal at Vagabond will be traditionally untraditional. Chef Alex Chang will transport gourmands to a space of comfort by preparing straight-forward, uncomplicated meals featuring fresh ingredients, served family style.  The first dinner will be a classic steakhouse menu where diners will be treated to mouthwatering, boneless short ribs paired with béarnaise, French fries, creamed escarole, sweet shortbread and fresh strawberries for dessert. Vagabond Restaurant & Bar 7301 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL 786 409 5635.

Peruvian restaurant La Mar, located inside Mandarin Oriental, Miami, will launch a sophisticated weekly Happy Hour available every Thursday from 4-7 pm, debuting October 15, 2015. Under the supervision of Eleftherios Kraounakis (Lef), who was recently appointed as head of La Mar’s expanded nightlife program, the Happy Hour will offer an exceptional opportunity to sip and savor creative cocktails designed by Lef and light bites by La Mar’sExecutive Chef Diego Oka.  The menu will feature $8 specialty cocktails, $6 beer and wine, and $4 bites. La Mar in the Mandarin Oriental 500 Brickell Key Drive. Miami, FL.

Quality Meats is extending their Miami Spice menu through October! Named one of the “Best Steakhouses for Miami Spice” by The Miami Herald, Miami Beach’s acclaimed eatery, Quality Meats, is extending their Miami Spice dining deal through the month of October.There are plenty of reasons for foodies to rejoice with an extended opportunity to enjoy a three- course dinner priced at $39 per person (excluding tax and gratuity). Executive Chef Patrick Rebholz delights diners with a robust prix fixe menu of signature dishes from both land and sea. Miami Spice dinner selections include choice of 6 appetizers including Green Goddess Chopped SaladHouse-Cured Slab Bacon with Peanut Butter & Jalapeño Jelly, Seared Sea Scallops with Black Garlic and Celery Leaves and choice of entrees including Center Cut Filet Mignon, Honey-Glazed Baby Back Ribs with Honey-Lime, Fresh Mint, Thai Basil, Everything-Crusted Branzino with Smoked Cream Cheese, Pickled Onions and more. Quality Meats 1501 Collins Ave. Miami Beach FL. 

( Information provided by various sources and subject to change.  Please confirm prices and specific details beforehand )

The above was produced by MIAbites, one of the leading sources for food news in South Florida. Be sure to visit their website for more great information. 

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VICE Media Executive To Give Free Advice For Miami Startups At Event Tuesday Night

Miami’s bustling startup community will be centered on Lincoln Road Tuesday night for a talk by VICE Media’s Dan Perry on how to produce an effective content strategy for new businesses.

The event is hosted by Jurnid, a publishing platform startup that connects publishers with top freelance talent. The event will allow people in Miami’s startup and small business ecosystem to ask questions and learn from Perry on best practices to web content.

From Jurnid on what to expect:

“Join Dan Perry and a growing list of game changing Miami based startups for an evening of discussion focused on content strategy. Develop a content strategy for your startup, brand, organization or business that works. Build a more engaged community around your products and services. Learn what current trends are affecting your digital signals and how to cut through the noise of information overload. We focus heavily on Q&A after a very short presentation, so bring your questions!”


Andrew Quarrie, the founder of Jurnid said that the event could be a game changer for some local businesses.

“We want founders and attendees to walk away with answers and insights related to their specific implementation of a content strategy,” Quarrie said. “Since we focus heavily on Q&A, this becomes a forum where we can learn from each other’s experience. Aside from knowledge gained, making peer and media related connections are important to building relationships for the exchange of ideas and more.”

Quarrie said that Perry was picked as the speaker because of his experience leading Vice Media’s expansion across three continents.

“He [Perry] comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share,” Quarrie said. “Entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone in business responsible for developing a content strategy can learn from engaging in this discussion.”

The event will be taking place October 13 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at WeWork co-working space (350 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139).

Quarrie said that there is a shift happening in the digital marketing space, as display ads and traditional SEM style push in advertising are not as effective as the pull of stories that are native to the websites, apps, and various media properties of businesses and brands.

“Organic and native stories perform better for engaging readers, which can help with high quality web traffic, lead generation, and brand loyalty,” Quarrie said. “It is important for startups to tell original stories even while in the early stages of building a product. Drive better engagement with your current and potential customers – pre and post launch – know what resonates with your audience.”

Rise News is a media sponsor of the event.

Rise News readers can attend it for free by using this link for tickets:

Photo Credit: b k/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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This Vine Of DJ Khaled Saying “Another One” Over And Over Is Everything

The internet is awesome. But this is probably the height of human achievement. We can all go home now.

Vine from @JordanTugru:



This was originally published on on August 3, 2015.

Here’s The 10 “Best” Public High Schools In Miami. Do You Agree?

By Thomas Gerald

Everyone wants to be the best. The same is true for area high schools.

Among Miami Dade County’s 108 public high schools, there are many really great institutions. So for the sake of this list, we will rely on U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 rankings of Miami-Dade County public high schools. The three main categories used to determine these rankings are “college readiness”, average proficiency in math and the average proficiency in reading.

Below is the top ten public high schools in Miami-Dade according to the U.S. News & World Report in descending order.

10. Mater Academy Charter High (7901 Northwest 103rd Street, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33016)

Ranked 23rd within Florida, Mater Academy Charter High is the 10th best school in Miami Dade County on this list. Mater Academy boosts a 65% proficiency in reading with a 77% in math and 58.8% college readiness (U.S. News calculated values based on student performance on state exams).Open since August 2002, Mater Academy offers the students the opportunity to take Advance Placement classes, allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school, with a participation rate of 87%.

  1. Doral Academy Charter High School (11100 NW 27th St, Doral, FL 33172)

Ranked just one above the previous entry within the state, Doral Academy has proficiency rating slightly above Mater (Reading, 74%, Math, 81%, College readiness 58.9%) and a 74% participation rate in the Advance Placement program.

  1. New World School of the Arts (25 NE 2nd St, Miami, FL 33132)

Ranked nationally as the 306th best, #20 in the state and 56th among magnet schools, New World is the 8th best school on this list. Starting as an experiment between Miami Northwestern Senior High and Miami Dade College, New World has become one of the top schools in the state for preforming and visual arts with some of the highest proficiency ratings in the state at 88% in reading, 89% in math and a 60.6 college readiness average.

  1. Coral Reef Senior High (10101 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33157)

Ranked #37 among Magnet schools in the nation, Coral Reef is the 7th best in Miami Dade County. Along with the Advance Placement program, Coral Reef is a magnet school that has programs in Leisure Medicine and Health Sciences, Agriscience and Engineering Technology, Business and Finance, Legal and Public Affairs and Visual and Performing Arts and also offers an International Baccalaureate program.

  1. Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy (11100 NW 27th St, Doral, FL 33172)

A public charter school, Doral Performing Art & Entertainment Academy has a small student body of 232 with a 77% proficiency in math and reading. The school has a 90% participation rate in its advance Placement program with a ranking of 13 in all of the state of Florida.

  1. Young Women’s Preparatory Academy  (1150 SW 1st St, Miami, FL 33130)

An all-female school on this list, Young Women’s Preparatory Academy is a magnet school located in Little Havana. This school has an enrollment of 404 with student reading proficiency at 89% with a college readiness percentage of 87.5%.

  1. MAST Academy (3979 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149)

A magnet school with focus on marine studies, MAST Academy student proficiency in reading is 94%; math is 94% with a college readiness index of 87.5%. Along with standard high school curriculum MAST academy affords student the opportunity to learn in different marine studies including Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences (OAS), Maritime Studies and Culture (MSC), and Marine Related Industries (MRI).

  1. Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School (AUC) (12425 SW Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33183)

Another charter school, AUC is a member of the Archimedean Schools, a charter school system founded in 2002 by Archimedean Academy Inc. Students at AUC are chosen by lottery and pay no tuition. A grade A school, AUC’s curriculum and extracurricular activities are designed to offer students a disciplined and balanced education at the highest quality. AUC is ranked 5th in the state and 16th among other charter schools in America.

  1. Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) ( 4001 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137)

Ranked 2nd in the state and 6th among magnet school, DASH has programs in Architecture/Interior Design, Entertainment Technology, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, and Visual Communications/Web Design. DASH includes dual-enrollment college level design courses taught by professors from college with an eight course curriculum instead of the traditional six. DASH also says that it helps its students gain internships with Miami design firms.

  1. International Studies Charter High School (ISCHS) (2480 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135)

Formed by the Spanish, Italian and French Embassies, ISCHS is the top ranked school in Florida and the 4th ranked among charter schools. With a 100% college readiness index, ISCHS offers students studies in various languages including Italian, French and Spanish. Of all the schools in Miami-Dade county ISCHS has one of the most diverse student bodies in Miami. Proficiency ratings are above average in both reading and math for the school making it the top school in Miami Dade.

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Cover Photo Credit: International Studies Charter High School

This story was originally published on on June 10, 2015.

This “Judgmental Map” Of Miami Is Hilarious And Sort Of Spot On

Here’s a little silly fun for you.

This map of Miami neighborhoods and stereotypes associated with them is making the rounds on social media today.

Take a look. Do you think it is an “accurate” portrayal of the Miami area? (Click on the photo to get a better look.)























The humorous photo was posted on Facebook by Kristen Knight during the early morning hours of July 4th. Since then it has been shared nearly 200 times and has close to two thousand Facebook “likes”.

The map seems to have been inspired by the website, which makes fun of cities by posting photoshopped area maps with stereotypical descriptions of neighborhoods.

Tell us in the comments below where you live according to this map and whether it is on to something.

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