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Labeled Provisional Ballot Box Still Sitting At Another Broward School

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What’s News In This Story?

–Multiple sources tell RISE NEWS that a box labeled “Provisional Ballot Box” is still sitting at Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood.

-The box was opened and moved by school staff after Election Day because it was located in a room used by students at the school.

-The school’s principal told RISE NEWS that they opened the box labeled “Provisional Ballot Box” and other boxes while they were being moved.

This photo was taken by a teacher at Stirling Elementary School. It shows some of the materials still left behind by the Supervisor of Elections Office.

-The principal, Jacqueline Arnaez said that there were “unused” papers in the box and some extension cords. She did not think there were any ballots in the box.

-It was not locked and was very light according to Arnaez.

-The school’s media room was used as the voting place for voters in Broward County’s V053 precinct. 

-Large pieces of voting equipment were also left at the school. 

Some of the equipment left behind at Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood.

Arnaez said that it was common practice for the Broward County Supervisor Of Elections Office to leave behind equipment and other elections related materials for days after Election Day.

-She could not recall whether a box labeled “Provisional Ballot Box” was ever left at the school after past elections. 

–A spokesperson for the Broward elections office could not be reached by publication of this story. 

–A similar gray box was found yesterday at Sunshine Elementary School in Miramar. That box was locked, however.

-Dozel Spencer, Broward’s director of voting equipment center operations told the Sun-Sentinel that were no ballots found in the locked box. 

These print outs are still taped to the wall of the Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood.

 -A parent of a student at the school told RISE NEWS that she felt the situation was “outrageous”.

“It just seems very irregular that these boxes were left around like this,” Maria-Victoria Ramirez, the mother of a student at the school who took some pictures of the box said. “I think we need to get to the bottom of why all these boxes are lying around.” 

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Broward County Will Start The 2018-2019 School Year WAY Earlier Than Usual

What’s New With This Story: 

-Broward County will start the next school year nearly a week earlier than usual. 

-The first day of class for the 2018-2019 school year will be on Wednesday August 15. 

– The last day of class is scheduled for June 4, 2019. 


The Broward County School Board voted to start the 2018-2019 school year a bit earlier than usual.

The first day of class will be on Wednesday August 15, in contrast to the August 21 start date for the current school year.

There will also be 10 teacher planning days, 6 early release days and students will have Election Day off on November 6.

WSVN reports that the School Board has also set aside five hurricane make up days in case they are needed.

You can see the entire 2018-2019 Broward School Calendar online.

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Cover Photo Credit: Brett Levin/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Chaminade-Madonna Finally Starts Construction On Lights For Football Field

Chaminade-Madonna has been one of the more consistently dominant football programs in recent South Florida history.

Last year, they were the state runner-up in Division 3A and are currently on track to compete for a state championship again this year.

The program has won multiple state championships in its past.

But the lack of lights at its home field, a unique curiosity among South Florida’s powerhouse programs, has held it back.

Chaminade is having to play a home playoff game at a nearby school this week because of the lack of lights.

After having announced that the school would be putting lights in last year, construction has finally begun.

The school announced today on its Facebook page that ground was officially broken on November 14th.

No expected completion date was announced.

Photo: Chaminade-Madonna

Chaminade-Madonna is a small Catholic high school with around 600 students.

It is located in the heart of Hollywood and is surrounded by private homes.

Some of these homeowners have opposed lighting for the football field for years due to the expected disruption it would cause.

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This “Funny Map” Of Broward County Is Hilarious

Broward. Ah Broward. If you grew up there, then you know what we’re talking about. Basically Miami, but not quite.

Oh course, the people from Miami understand how different Broward really is.

So we had a few Miami (and Broward) kids come up with their best mental picture of what Broward is to them and here is what they came up with. (Things get a little more murky, the farther north you go):


Does this map ring true? What would you add to it? Let us know in the comments below:

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