Alabama Man Successfully Crowdfunds So He Can Buy A 20 Piece McNugget Meal

It’s not everyday that you come across a real hero on the Internet. But today, you’ve found one.

Michael Panik, a communications student at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama successfully used the crowdfunding site GoFundMe to raise $10 so he could buy himself a 20 piece Chicken McNugget meal at McDonalds.

Panik explained the motivations behind the campaign.

“A friend and mine were talking about all the ridiculous GoFundMe campaigns we’ve seen recently, basically people just asking for money to buy personal stuff: new equipment, software,” Panik said. “It’s pretty rude, honestly-just begging for money for things you want or need, that ultimately aren’t super expensive, and aren’t true necessities.”

Panik also said that he was a little bitter over the crowdfunding concept since he failed to raise money in the past on similar sites.

“I think that crowd funding is excellent, really, when used the right way,” Panik said. “I had a campaign for $10,000 to make a documentary fail back in the spring, and I’m a little bitter, but I think the concept is there. A lot of people do really spectacular things with money raised through GFM, Kickstarter, and others.”

Panik’s crowdfunding campaign for $10 was met in only a few hours. A man named Michael Brown gave him the money, saying “Enjoy!” in the comments.


Michael Panik Photo Credit: Michael Panik/Facebook

His tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Panik thanked Brown.

“Michael Brown is a truly beautiful soul, devoted to philanthropy, and has the highest honor in my heart,” Panik said. “I sincerely hope to make him proud by using his generous donation to achieve my supreme goal.”

While not in class, Panik works as a web developer with Plexamedia, and as a technical director at a church in Rome, GA. He said that was primarily interested in filmmaking and was focused in producing documentaries. His first feature-length documentary, Thrift Store Symphony is in post-production and will premiere next fall.

“I’m so glad my Chicken McNugget scheme kind of took off just in my network, honestly, Panik said. “I’d love to see more people find this, and realize that maybe, if you want something, you should spend less time asking people for money, and going out there, working, and getting it for yourself.”

Panik wasn’t sure when he would be seeing his windfall.

“I’m not totally sure, but I hope it’s soon,” Panik said. “Ya boy is hungry.”

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