“Cause When You Say Miami, You’re Talking Super Troll”: Miami Is Selling Shirts About That Crazy Illegal Game Winning Play

The University of Miami has taken their trolling to an all-time high after beating Duke on an incredible and (totally illegal) game winning kick return that led to the suspension of an entire crew of ACC referees.

Despite all of this and the calls for the league to take the win away from Miami, the Hurricanes have decided to capitalize on the opportunity. And by how else? By selling t-shirts, of course. America.

You can now purchase a “Miami Hurricanes The Return T-Shirt” from the official ‘Canes online shop.

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For the low, low price of $24.95, you can troll any discerning college football fan who isn’t totally skewed by an orange and green colored worldview.

Of course in order to have the money to pay for a top tier head coach, the “U” may have to sell those shirts for $124.95 each.

H/T: CBS Sports

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ACC Suspends Referees Two Games For Blown Call That Ended Miami Duke Game

The Atlantic Coast Conference announced today that it will be suspending the referees who officiated the Miami- Duke last night after it was determined that the officials blew a game winning call.

For those who don’t know, Miami beat Duke in a last second kick return for the ages. Eight laterals and a maze of missed tackles later, Miami beat Duke in one of the most incredible plays in recent college football history.

WATCH: Miami Beats Duke In Most Amazing Ending To A College Football Game Ever

Unfortunately, it seems as though the play should have ended many, many times and should have never stood as a touchdown.

The ACC responded today to allegations from Duke fans that the refs blew the call.

“The quality of our officiating program is of the highest importance to the league and its schools, and the last play of the game was not handled appropriately,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said in a press release. “Officiating is an extraordinarily difficult job but our players, coaches, programs and fans deserve the best that can be offered. We will continue to strive to meet that standard.”

The on-field officiating crew as well as the replay official and communicator will be suspended for the next two weeks.

Miami responded in the most “Miami” way possible via Twitter after learning of the suspensions.

Is this enough for you Duke fans? Tell us in the comments below.

Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot/ ESPN (Youtube)

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