Miami Archbishop Announces Findings Of Investigation Into Priest Accused Of Improprieties

Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski released a letter to the parishioners of St. Rose of Lima in Miami Shores today on his investigation of the parish’s former priest Father Pedro Corces.

In it, Wenski claimed that many of the allegations leveled against Corces in a 129 page dossier of information were not true.

However, Wenski’s investigation also found that Corces was not fit for service as a parish priest and he accepted Corces’ resignation.

Wenski’s investigation was prompted after a group of concerned parents at St. Rose accused Corces of putting children at the school in “grave danger” after he allegedly hired a man as a school maintenance worker who was once arrested on prostitution charges.

The parents united under the name of Christifidelis and they paid a private investigator over $3,500 to surveil Father Corces to help them build a case against him. Once they could no longer afford the investigator’s services, parents took to surveilling Father Corces on their own, even digging around the rectory trash to find incriminating documents.

The parent’s report also alleged that Father Corces took frequent expensive vacations, sometimes with a St. Rose maintenance worker and that he often spent the night at the same workers condo where they claimed Corces paid the cable bill.

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During the investigation, Wenski said that Corces volunteered to take a polygraph exam and that the priest denied any sexual improprieties with school maintenance staff.

“The investigation of these allegations is now completed,” Wenski said in the letter. “Based on the outcome of extensive interviews of all persons that could have knowledge of the truth of these allegations as well as the results of a voluntary polygraph examination of Fr. Corces, it is concluded that no sexual impropriety had occurred. Nevertheless, Father’s decisions to hire friends to work for the Parish and his continues socializing with them outside the Parish did contribute to the perception among some of inappropriate behavior.”

Read the whole letter:

Letter from Archbishop Wenski on Fr. Corces Investigation

Interestingly, while short on specifics, Wenski’s letter did say something damning about Corces:

“The investigation did identify other deficiencies with Fr. Corces’ administration in which we failed to follow clear Archdiocesan policies.”

While trying to put a bow on the story, Wenski may have only opened up more questions as to the full extent of what actually happened.

For example, which specific deficiencies were there with Corces’ administration?

Which clear Archdiocesan policies did he not follow?

Why was Sister Bernadette Keane fired from her role as principal before the end of the school year?

Did the maintenance worker not have a criminal record when he was hired?

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