Fidel Castro Dead

Jill Stein Just Said The Dumbest Thing Ever About Castro

Jill Stein apparently loved horrific Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and doesn’t care if everyone knows it.

She literally tweeted this out:

Ah, Jill. Please just delete your account.

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Photo Essay: Little Havana Celebrates The Death Of Fidel Castro

MIAMI- Thousands of Cuban Americans raced to Little Havana to celebrate the death of Fidel Castro in the early morning hours of Nov. 26, 2016.

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Here is what it looked like to there:

img_1803 img_1804 img_1808 img_1809 img_1818 img_1819 img_1826 img_1827 img_1828 img_1829 img_1831 img_1832 img_1833 img_1835 img_1836 img_1837 img_1839 img_1840 img_1842 img_1844 img_1845


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