South Florida Is About To Get Medieval AF


Camelot Days Renaissance Festival

Dates: November 18th and 19th from 10 AM- 5:30 PM.

Location: T.Y. Park, 3300 N Park Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021

Cost: $15 per adult, $3 for kids between 6 and 12, free for kids under 6. 

Camelot Days is back to Hollywood’s T.Y. Park this weekend for two days worth of medieval revelry and family fun.

RISE NEWS visited the festival to find out what gets the scores of performers to party like it’s 1299:

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Why Are All These People In Hong Kong Doing Crazy Things On Rooftops?

Recreational trespass, “rooftopping” or urban exploring is the exploration of any open or abandoned space.

Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world.

Hence, it attracts a lot of explorers from all over the world to reach the climax in Hong Kong.

For rooftoppers worldwide, conquering buildings and breaking the rules are the main spirit of this activity, but for rooftoppers in Hong Kong, it’s much more than just a death defying stunt.

Here’s some reasons why they do it:

  1. To redefine their limit

For many rooftoppers, it’s the feeling of empowerment and being on top of the world that the adventure brings. By conquering their own fear, capture stunning images of uninterrupted views and turning these rooftops as their own personal playgrounds, they push themselves beyond own limit.

  1. To recharge from hectic city life

To rooftoppers, everyday is ordinary life — everything is so structured and you have to follow orders. Hence, they want to get away from that.

“Rooftopping is like a getaway from city life to me — Hong Kong is such a fast-paced city with so much pressure and noise,” well known Hong Kong rooftopper Daniel Lau said. “When I’m on a rooftop, everything slows down, you don’t hear anything but wind, all the rush from the ground became like slow-motion.”

  1. To explore the city’s landscape

Symmetry Heaven – Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal.

The world famous breathtaking skyline of the concrete jungle is a must-see for tourists.

But if you’ve lived here your whole life, you’d probably be bored of visting the same places at the exact same spots.

Rooftopping allows rooftoppers to appreciate Hong Kong from a whole new perspective and reconnect with the vibrant city which they consider as a home.

  1. To reclaim the urban space from big business

Photo Credit: Exthetics/ Screengrab (Youtube)

The cost of living and flat price in this dense vertical city of over seven million is among the highest in the world.

As a result, the majority of Hong Kong’s youth still live with their parents in their adulthood without adequate personal space.

Spaces hidden in the famous skyline thus becomes the only ones left to explore for free and sneaking onto rooftops has become a statement of reclaiming the city from big business.

“[The] Roof is for everyone. Pick a book, read on a crane, get some inspirations,” rooftopper William Cheng said.

5. Rooftopping for freedom and disobedience

#hongkong #demonstration #71 #rain

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The city’s young people are part of a generation who have grown up with the umbrella revolution, worsening economic prospects and increasing worries of eroding individual freedom.

Rooftoppers – like other youngsters- showcase their frustrations by celebrating disobedience.

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There Is Going To Be A Mac and Cheese Festival In Atlanta. This Is Not A Drill

Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you throw them away and get in line for the damn Mac and Cheese festival!

Coming in October of 2016 is the first annual Atlanta Mac and Cheese Festival.


It really is happening.

We’re just as shocked and excited as you.

“The Edgewood Neighborhood is organizing the inaugural Mac & Cheese Festival at Walker Park, scheduled for October 8th, 2016,” reads a message on the official Facebook event page for the festival. “This will be an annual tradition to raise money for Neighbor in Need, a Non-Profit that keeps longtime residents in the Edgewood Neighborhood.”

Over 31,000 people are “interested” in attending the event according to the Facebook event page, with already 6,000 people planning on “going” to it.

They are going to need a whole lot of mac and cheese.

The event will be happening at Walker Park (200 Memorial Terrace SE, Atlanta, GA 30316) on October 6.

Restaurants, food trucks, caterers and private chiefs are invited to get involved. If you are interested in having your mac and cheese featured then email: [email protected]

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Cover Photo Credit: Atlanta Mac and Cheese Festival/ Facebook

How Hogwarts Is Handling The Brexit

Many people have been concerned about how the Brexit will affect citizens on both sides of the debate in the UK.

Negotiations on trading, treaties, and even immigration will have to be redefined, and many people’s jobs and school careers could be challenged in the process.

The wizarding world is already facing obstacles in the aftermath of the Brexit

Berite Bott’s Every Flavored Beans Can No Longer Make Every Flavor

Due to Europe’s resentment towards the UK, they are no longer granting the jellybean company access to ingredients needed to make every flavor.

It looks like Bertie’s flavors like lemon and soap that were imported from France are now being replaced with UK accessible ingredients like spotted-dick and haggis.


Photo Credit: Karen Roe/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

The QWCA (Quidditch World Cup Association) Has Decided To Exclude The UK From Participating In All Future Tournaments

Hogwarts fears that fewer athletes will choose to attend their school if it no longer feeds into the professional league.

Professor Hooch has been sending her star players off to the wizarding school in Spain, but many of their UK fans are outraged by what they feel is an absolute betrayal.

“They have to play,” Hooch pleaded. “I don’t care what is happening with this country, my players have to make it”.


Photo Credit: Meg Stewart/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Gringots Has Gone Bankrupt

Now that so many of their wizards have had to pull their accounts and transfer to EU banks, the famous treasury has taken a huge blow.

Many homeless goblins have been seen wandering the streets of Hogsmeade with signs reading, “will work for access to Europe portkey”.


Photo Credit: tibbygirl/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Students Are Disillusioned By The System

Hogwarts was expected to host the Triwizard tournament this year, but with previous fatal incidents, the Ministry of Magic was weary to grant them the opportunity.

Now, they’ve received word that Romania is refusing to lend them dragons for the competition, and students are feeling disheartened by the whole event now.

“It really is a shame”, said dragon handler, Charlie Weasley.

“I wish I could help my alma mater, but I have to due what’s best for my dragons,” Weasley told RISE NEWS. “Let’s face it, the Ministry of Magic has always underpaid us for our dragons, and at this point, the paperwork needed to bring them over is more than anyone can do in a lifetime”.


Photo Credit: Sam Howzit/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

The Ministry Of Magic Is In Tatters And It Is Spreading Hate Worldwide

Wizarding leaders are divided between those that wish to host European wizards, and those that wish to push current ones out.

From across the pond, a Brexit advocate, Drump Trumpledore praised the UK for leaving what he calls, “the failing European Union”.

He commends them for “taking control”, and spews out rhetoric concerning his similar intentions for the wizarding world of the USA, (The Umbridge Sectumsempra Americas).

“We’re gonna put up a wall of dementors”, he told our reporters.

“But we’re gonna make Mexico pay for the charms we use to keep that wall strong”.

Trumpledore told citizens to protect themselves from immigrating wizards.

“If Americans want to feel safe and in control, they should go buy more wands,” Trumpledore said. “Good guys with wands stop bad guys from using their wands”.

When asked on her thoughts, J.K. Rowling mentioned her disappointment with the choice to leave the UK.

In her usual eloquence, she stated, “My values are not contained or proscribed by borders. The absence of a visa when I cross the channel has symbolic value to me. I might not be in my house, but I’m still in my hometown”.


Photo Credit: mazz_5/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

It is a shame that villainous belief conjured up the majority of votes to cast out a union for the people.

It eradicated an identity that had been granted as a privilege to citizens of the UK and of Europe alike.

No one is truly clear on how this Brexit will affect the Western world, but everyone is anxious to find out.

The UK is in big trouble now that the Brexit has taken place, and Hogwarts worries whether it will remain a school for all young witches and wizards in the years to come.

For now, Bertie Bott is readapting his recipes, the dragons are staying in Romania, and Trumpledore is still a bigot and the source of annoyance for every intelligent mind on this side and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Cover Photo Credit: Ravi Shah/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Hikes of Tuscaloosa: An Evening on the Riverwalk

By Caroline Vincent

People may think that Tuscaloosa is simply a college town where the only activity for Saturdays is going to football games.

As someone who is in town for the summer, I am here to prove that assumption wrong as I find adventures to go on throughout Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas.

I started off easy and decided to go on more of a stroll than a hike.

On a sunny evening, I could not think of a better place to go stretch my legs than Manderson Landing on the Black Warrior River.

The Black Warrior is a waterway that feeds the Tombigbee River and stretches 178 miles.

In Tuscaloosa, Manderson Landing Park can be found just steps from the University of Alabama campus, and is therefore a popular place for students to spend their free time.

It is also home to the University’s rowing team, where they can be seen practicing in the mornings and competing on the weekends.

Manderson Landing is home to the Alabama Rowing team. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

Manderson Landing is home to the Alabama Rowing team. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

With views that stretch down the river, ferries, tugboats and personal vessels can be seen on the water throughout the day.

In my short time there on this particular evening, I saw all three and also several people on paddleboards, an ideal activity for the fairly calm river.

A tugboat on the Black Warrior River. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

A tugboat on the Black Warrior River. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

There are several activities that take place on land as well.

As the sun was setting, there were families playing together, couples taking walks, and groups doing yoga.

The riverwalk is a runner's haven in Tuscaloosa. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

The riverwalk is a runner’s haven in Tuscaloosa. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

There were also many runners along the path, not an uncommon sight for the area. Most importantly, I saw a lot of dogs.

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The water is not the only beauty seen at the park.

Much of the path at Manderson Landing is shaded by full oak and pine trees that offer not only greenery, but also a significant temperature drop from the sunnier parts of the path.


Picnic spot Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

Picnic spot. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

The trees are also very popular among students for hammocking.

With plenty of trunks to spare and beautiful views of the river, young people can be found enjoying their days off relaxing along the path in their various colored ENOs.


A view of campus from Manderson Landing. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

Visitors also take advantage of the banks of the river for multiple activities, such as fishing and picnics.

Fishing happening down by the river. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

Fishing happening down by the river. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

By the water and under trees, I don’t know if there is a better place to picnic in all of Tuscaloosa.

As just a portion of the Riverwalk, Manderson Landing really goes above and beyond with all it has to offer.

Some fishing happening on a paddle boat. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

Some fishing happening on a small boat on the Black Warrior River. Photo Credit: Caroline Vincent

From beautiful views to countless opportunities for activities, students and locals alike can find many ways to spend Saturdays along the Black Warrior River.

Tell us your favorite places to visit during summer in Alabama in the comments below. 

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“Chupacabra”? Miami Suburb Falls In Love With Mysterious Animal

A small white animal that some think resembles a fox has become something like an urban legend in Miami Shores.

The animal probably is a fox but it has no tail and is stark white, giving credence to the idea that it could be some sort of hybrid animal.

It has been spotted for months in different parts of the northern Miami suburb and is suspected by some residents to live on the local golf course.

There are a number of red foxes that live in the neighborhood but none of them come close to the unique appearance of this one.

Bengy Cid, a Shores resident posted this picture of the animal on the Miami Shores Village People Facebook page:


What could it be? Photo Credit: Bengy Cid/ Facebook

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a fox,” Miami Shores resident Jorge Diaz said on the neighborhood Facebook group. “…we see him almost every evening by our house… Looks like the poor little guy lost his tail and a portion of his ear…. He seems gentle although he never gets too close.”

However at least one Miami Shores resident joked on the online forum that the animal was a “Chupacabra“, the mythical creature thought to attack animals and people.

We’re going to send the link to this piece to Zoo Miami guru Ron Magill to get an expert opinion. We’ll update this piece if we hear back from him.

In the meantime, what do you think it is?

What Is This Animal?

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Cover Photo Credit: Bengy Cid‎/Facebook

Alabama Starman Catches Alien Migraine (Or Something Like That)

By Chance Willie

An anonymous Tuscaloosa, AL stargazer reported an almost poetic UFO sighting early Tuesday morning.

The account appeared on a message board hosted by the UFO Stalker website, which catalogs UFO sightings from around the country.

The sighting allegedly occurred when the observer stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and was greeted by an object resembling a shooting star darting across the sky, abruptly changing directions and leaving trails of green and orange light in its wake.

The observer reports being stricken by a mysterious headache as the object shot away into the dusk. Whether the account was fact or fiction, it makes for an interesting read.

RISE NEWS has reached out to the website to try to get in touch with the person who made the post. We’ll update with any additional information. 

Here’s the full account posted to the website:

“At exactly 4:01 A.M. I went outside on my balcony to smoke a cigarette. I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky at night, and I have seen many shooting stars. Shootings stars move extremely fast and appear to zoom across your range of vision in an instant. The “light” I saw tonight did no such thing. While it did vanish in an instant, it did not zoom across my range of vision. Directly in the center of the sky, what appeared to be a large aircraft, lit up in the darkness–without making a sound. It instantly propelled itself into the distance leaving behind a momentary trail of green and orange light. What was most unusual about this sighting was that the object changed direction. The object also moved much more quickly than any shooting star that I have ever seen. I could not determine its exact location or distance. However, initially after lighting up, the size of the object appeared three to four times larger than the stars in the sky. This means that the object was either much larger and/or much closer than our closest stars. After the incident, I felt slightly uncomfortable–as if I had a headache, but only in the front half of my brain.”

Ever see anything strange? Either in the sky or on a city council balance sheet? Send us a news tip to [email protected]

H/T to Tuscaloosa News reporter Stephen Dethrage

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Cover Photo Credit: maxime raynal/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

You Can Get A Paid Internship Traveling Around The Country And Drinking Beer (Seriously)

Time to be real about something.

Most internships suck. Like they really suck.

But this one promises not to and if it does then you can just get drunk and forget about how much it sucks.

World Of Beer, the bar chain is looking for a few summer interns who will serve as social media storytellers for the brand. Part of the job will be to travel to various World Of Beer locations around the country and write, and video their experiences.

And yes, they will be expected to drink a lot of beer, while getting paid.

“This job is all about traveling, shooting, editing, writing, and drinking awesome beer,” a statement on the brand’s website announcing the promo said. “They’ll also have a chance to learn from the beer experts at DRAFT MAGAZINE! This is guaranteed to be the most epic summer job of their lives.”


“This internship is a natural extension of World of Beer’s ‘drink it in’ culture,” World of Beer CEO and President Paul Avery said in a press release. “We are excited to empower our customers to share these experiences through this unique Drink It Intern program.”

You can apply for the internship up to March 26th and anyone can apply (not just current students, as long as you are 21.)

Potential interns will have to upload a one minute video showing why you would be good for the internship and you can even schedule an in person interview at a handful of locations to help get your application to the “top of the pile”. Whatever the hell that means.

To apply visit:

I Traveled Around Europe And Took Lots Of Selfies With People Making Out In The Background

When I studied abroad in Prague from February to June 2015, I spent a lot of time exploring parks and green spaces.

I also quickly noticed I was one of the only people walking along without some sort of dog or lover companion.

For people who don’t often make eye contact with strangers, Czech people have off-the-charts PDA.

I thought this was stunning and hilarious so I decided to take advantage of it through a photo series. Most of the photos are from Prague in the daytime, and I expanded as I traveled to other cities across Europe.

When I saw people locking lips on the street, I would snap quick selfies. I challenged myself to make sure the people in the picture didn’t know I was taking it, which was never really much of a challenge at all:



I found these two making out on the sidewalk as I was on my way to meet friends in downtown Prague.


Objects are closer than they appear.


Just about all of these were more than quick pecks – I had to have the time to notice the pair kissing, find my phone, position it and snap the picture all while they were still smooching.


I felt like pictures in bars were kind of cheap shots, but this happened at my table so I made an exception.


Not my best work. The three of us were the only ones in sight, and I was happy to keep my distance.


This one was an accomplishment. Partly because I ran four miles before I took this picture, partly because it was my only horizontal find.



In this one, it almost looks like one person sitting on a Madrid park bench. It looked that way in person too



These two were feeling the heat on a balmy June afternoon in Italy. Really, what better way to pass the time between train strikes?



Krakow, Poland, is surrounded by an outstanding green belt. These two took full advantage of it.

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Here Are 7 Tips Your Dog Is Trying To Teach You About Living Better

By Douglas Green

How would you like you like to spend 2016 as contented and centered as your dog?

As a psychotherapist, I spend a lot of time dealing with people and our big-brained problems. On most issues, like how to create a telephone that uses 3D touch to show birds catapulting into pigs, we are just brilliant. But we leave a lot to be desired in such areas as how to deal with each other, and how to live…those “human” quandaries!

So a few years back, I started watching my dog, Shirelle, to see how she avoids these problems. And I’ve tried to pass on what I’ve learned.

Now, many people have this idea, that you should only improve your lives once a year, when the calendar changes. A dog would say that’s crazy. If Shirelle found an imperfection in her squirrel-chasing technique in March, she wouldn’t wait ten months to adjust it – but oh well, that’s what makes us human.

Below, I’ve shared some key life lessons for us sapiens as we embark on 2016. Not to improve you so much, as to just make you happier – which, of course, is what dogs crave to their cores.

1. A few more times a day, forget that you have a past and a future.
Wise people will tell you to “live in the moment.” Pooches do that all the time; that’s why no dog ever needed a yoga class. But let’s face it – our jumbo-tron brains are too powerful not to constantly refocus on tomorrow, next summer, and yesterday.

However, we can pause that time-traveling, for moments. Try checking in right now. Treat this second as the only point that exists. What do you have, what do you need (right now, not for dinner or your retirement), what feels good, what hurts? And once you’re done, go back to your regular mind.

Try this a few times a day. If you already do it, add a few more and just see how it resets you.

2. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, more.
Even the least selfish person often has trouble relating to others. How many of us sing about brotherhood, but the second we click onto our beloved social media, rant that anyone who disagrees with us about a tax rate is uglier than a naked mole rat?

When you’re positive someone else’s point of view is evil and insane, try to admit, instead, that we all have similar brains and figure out what led them there. Once you do, you can still disagree with them, but you’ll have lost the unhealthy prejudice.

After all, dogs mostly find us folks incomprehensible, but they still love us and try to follow our thinking.

After all, dogs mostly find us folks incomprehensible, but they still love us and try to follow our thinking. If you can do this same for others, your humility might make you as lovable as…okay, not quite as lovable as Marley, but closer than you are now.

3. Pollute and poison less.  
All animals pollute, but humans are the only ones brilliant enough to create materials that don’t serve the earth at all. When you throw a plastic bag out, or dump millions of gallons of toxins into an ocean, you can’t just kick some dirt over it and make your mess okay, the way mutts can.

A dog would suggest, and request, that you simply improve. If you’re a lazy slob, and you just start recycling your beer bottles, that will help things a bit. And if you already re-use paper, save your shower water, and drive an electric car charged by the sun, maybe you could also buy more locally-grown food? Every bit helps!

And just to clarify, animals don’t really notice which individual humans or corporations do the polluting. As far as they’re concerned, all us humans left that trash there, and all us humans haven’t cleaned it up.

So please, go a little out of your pathway and pick up that can, or try to help a river not turn to poison. It’ll make you feel good. And the stray pup out on the street would do it too if he could. Just for the feeling.

See this cool dog gets it. Photo Credit: Rich Robinson/ RISE NEWS

See, this cool dog gets it. Photo Credit: Rich Robinson/ RISE NEWS

4. Find more moments to enjoy and find more to enjoy about more moments.
When you open your front door in the morning, what’s going though your head? Lateness? Upcoming traffic? Some argument you had over breakfast?

You know what goes through a dog’s? The smells! The hit of fresh air with an unexpected temperature! Hundreds of sounds suddenly so clear! And even though her eyes are nowhere near as powerful as yours, millions of things to see!

Do you take in the sky? Do you count the stalks of grass? Do you check to see if there are any squirrels or ants or bees or lizards or even cats in sight?

And that’s only one moment. Each day has 86,400 seconds in it. Do you spend even one just rolling in what is? Or do you rush to media, to hear some pundit tell you whether the day was worth living or not?

Right now, pick a leaf off an interesting tree, look it over carefully, sniff it, run your fingers over it with your eyes closed, and chew it. Feels like being a kid, doesn’t it? Back when you did such things by instinct – the way a pup does all the time.

5. Give yourself just a bit more sleep.
Scientists estimate that dogs sleep twelve to fourteen hours a day on average, which means some snooze a lot more.

I’m not suggesting you go to that extreme, but one reason dogs tend to be so healthy and active is that they grab z’s whenever they can. What if you found a way to go to bed just a half hour earlier tonight? Or to take a nap this afternoon?

Maybe record that TV show, curl up, count sheep, and see what happens to your mood, your skin, your work skills, and even how others treat you.

6. Be silly more – silly for you.
People say dogs are clowns, for the way they act when they see a leash, or the signs of oncoming dinner. But what’s wrong with that?

Silliness isn’t just a part of life; it’s a core of it, a celebration of it. Now, if you’re great at telling naughty jokes at dinner parties, that’s fine. But when’s the last time you ran around in a sprinkler on a hot day? Sang so loud you hurt your vocal cords? Or barked in conversation with a dog?

Here’s my definition of silliness: Any action, the doing of which would normally make you blush in embarrassment. Every silly act actually helps you overcome your fear and shame. Every dog lives it, and any good doctor would prescribe it often.

7. Tell and show those you love that you’re crazy about them more.
Here’s where canines most excel. When you come home at the end of a long day, do you tell your family how happy you are to see them, and that they even exist? What about at your job – do you find ways to express your feelings about your coworkers?

The most common deathbed regrets humans report are not having spent more time with those they love, and not having let them know it. And that’s dumb, because nothing is easier! Just let it out!

Jump on a friend and kiss the top of their head. Yell across a business networking confab, “I have the best assistant in the world!” And call your mother and tell her you’re grateful.

No one can control what the world does to them, but these tools all help making living whatever hand you’re dealt more enjoyable. And, in all my years of watching dogs, if there’s a way to do too much of any of these, I haven’t seen it.

So try them, and good luck. May this be the year your tail learns how to wag!

Douglas Green is a psychotherapist, specializing in helping kids and teens build lives they can be proud of. He is also the creator and writer for, which helps kids, teens, parents, and others around the world with advice from the point of view of a friendly dog, and is the author of The Teachings of Shirelle – Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead. You can learn more about Green at, and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Cover Photo Credit: Sandra Druschke/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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