Blind Man Sues McDonald’s For Refusing Him Service After Walking Up To The Drive Thru After Hours

A visually impaired man is suing McDonald’s for their drive thrus lack of accessibility, reports NBC NEWS.

According to the affidavit, Scott Magee was refused admission to a McDonald’s after hours, which made him unable to purchase food.

On the date in question, Mr. Magee approached the McDonald’s restaurant and attempted to enter its interior for the purpose of purchasing goods and services.

However, the lobby doors were locked and Mr. Magee was unable to enter Mr. Magee then attempted to walk up to the drive-thru.

The McDonald’s personnel therein refused service to him, laughed, and told him to go away.

Various McDonald’s have driven through service only after a certain time, which would impede customers who cannot drive, according to NBC.

“While McDonald’s sighted customers can independently browse, select, and pay for products at Defendant’s drive-thrus without the assistance of others, blind people must hope for a companion with a car or paid taxi services to assist them in selecting and purchasing McDonald’s food,” the suit claims.

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Lindsey Wagner, a lawyer who covers various areas of law, including discrimination, explained, “Likely, McDonalds’ position will be either that they’re not denying (the prosecution) access because they could have access with a driver or that changing their drive through services would be an undue burden on them.”

Undue burden is mentioned in section 12182 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and is described by the ADA’s ‘Reaching Out’ section of their website as “significant difficulty or expense.

Wagner also said that if the outcome falls in the prosecution’s favor, it may bring some changes.

“If it does go to trial, and if the plaintiff is successful in their claim, it would likely mean that McDonald’s would need to make changes for accommodations for those who are blind,” Wagner said. “This might be a new wave of the way that businesses provide services to also make sure that the drive through access also has accommodations for individuals that are visually impaired.”

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This Guy On Craigslist Really Wants You To Come And Get His Haunted Bed

Sometimes you just got to get rid of your bed because it is haunted and trying to scare you to death.

At least that’s what one Craigslist user in Mentone, AL is claiming.

The unidentified person posted a listing in the “free stuff” section of the Birmingham Craigslist under the title of “Free (paranormal) bed”.

It only gets better from there.


The scary bed in question. Photo Credit: Craigslist user upload.

Here is the full listing:

“I’m giving away this bed to whoever wants to come pick it up. My home is over 200 years old and is believed to have originally had a servants’ wing, located to the right angle of my home which later converted to slave quarters. The structure still standing is said to have been housing for the slaves on the property. This bed still remains inside the original structure. I do not know the history of this bed but it has not been removed from the quarters. It moves and shakes violently on its own. There have been sounds of cries and singing from the actual bed. It often shifts positions and there is a strange uneasy feeling when I try to move it. I just want it off my property for good”

Yeah we are with you on that.


I can barely handle it if my memory foam is slightly forgetful from the night before. This shit would put me over the edge.

Read More: This “Funny Map” Of Tuscaloosa According To An Alabama Student Is Hilarious And Sort Of Spot On

Mentone is a small town of just over 300 people in the far northeastern corner of the state. It sits on the popular tourist trap known as Lookout Mountain. So I guess we won’t be going there anytime soon.

But if you do actually decide to take this person up on their offer, then please let us know how it goes for you. Or don’t. That’s cool too.

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This “Funny Map” Of Tuscaloosa According To An Alabama Student Is Hilarious And Sort Of Spot On

Tuscaloosa. What a place to live for four or five or six years (don’t ask) as a student at the University of Alabama.

But as students, we often don’t get a full picture of the really awesome community in which we live.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t form a mental picture of the place over time, even if that picture is totally wrong.

After consulting with numerous current and former UA students, we came up with this funny map of Tuscaloosa.

Take a look.

Does it remind you of your time in T-Town? What would you add to it? Tell us in the comments below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 10.33.26 AM

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Photo Credit: RISE NEWS

Miami TV: How Jenny Scordamaglia Used Her Body To Build A Media Empire

Miami is no stranger to pristine beaches, deep glowing suntans and beautiful, mostly half-naked people doing all kinds of things in public.

But one of the most interesting things to come out of this milieu is MiamiTV, an international online and television show based out of the city which was founded in 2007.

The show is described as an “entertainment channel covering the best events, festivals, parties around the world” on the show’s Facebook page.

With nearly 7,200 likes on their Facebook page, the show seems to be gaining popularity.

The popularity could largely be accredited to the show’s main host, Jenny Scordamaglia, who has had a history of hosting nearly 200 shows.

While being an engaging and interesting personality, the other thing the sets Scordamaglia apart from the bunch is that she is willing to broadcast in the buff, or at least close to it. 

She has helped build a sizable media brand by as the Miami New Times described it, perfecting the “nip-slip”.

As Terrence McCoy wrote for the New Times in 2014:

“The nip slip is the defining element of her on-camera presence. In appearance after appearance, she moves through gaggles of gawking bystanders, microphone in hand, nipples flashing like lighthouses in the night.”


Jenny Scordamaglia in the middle of conducting an interview for Miami TV. Photo Credit: Miami TV/ Facebook

But while some may find that distasteful, Scordamaglia is unfazed by the type of content her company produces.

“Unlike most media, Miami TV focuses on real life people and events live as they happen, no script, no cuts, edits or blurs,” Scordamaglia told RISE NEWS in an interview. “The shows are done spontaneous at the moment with a refreshing reality of what would happen if the viewer is there as well. We focus in bringing viewers positive entertainment so that they can distress from their everyday stress and the negative news on TV.”

The show is close to her heart, being that it was a creation between her husband and herself.

“My husband and I built this 8 years ago and made it our dream work, which for us it’s really not work, it’s a hobby because we love what we do, we love communicating with people around the world and bringing a smile to their face,” Scordamaglia said. 

While being based out of Miami, the show reaches an international audience, with audience members in places like Spain, Mexico and Colombia. The show went international after experiencing local success in November 2009. 

WATCH: Miami TV In Action

The production team, along with producing MiamiTV, also hosts other shows, including Hoy Miami, Miami Caliente and Jenny Live, according to the main show website.

The experiences gained by Scordamaglia have stayed with her for the nearly eight years she’s been on the air.

“While I attending a business event in Miami a couple of years ago where without getting into names, a surrounding local Mayor was there and we weren’t filming, also my dress code was more business attire at that event,” Scordamaglia recalls. “When this person comes close to me and says ‘What happened to the real Jenny, where’s the cleavage?,’ smiling. So I then knew, we had made a signature image for Miami TV and had to keep it.”

Jenny Scordamaglia. Photo Credit: Miami TV/ Facebook

Jenny Scordamaglia in the midst of a “nip slip” moment during an interview. Photo Credit: Miami TV/ Facebook

As the show continued to gain traction and popularity, Scordamaglia kept giving what her audience wanted. 

“We had made 727 studio shows where people can interact live via a chat and give their opinions on the life subject we are speaking about,” Scordamaglia said. “This is our audience’s favorite show, they like to interact, they like to be heard and responded to, but we like to also balance it with over 600 outdoor events we have covered.”

Scordamaglia believes that the audience makes the show, and hopes to continue to grow her brand. Whatever that happens to be. 

“To me, it’s imminent to listen to our viewers because they made us grow and we keep attracting new viewers daily,” Scordamaglia said. “We don’t want to become just another corporation, we want to continue to keep it real and the comments that move me the most can be as simple as those that say thank you for brightening up my day, to some deeper life changing stories.”

So there you have it. The most Miami media company ever is actually doing pretty well and they don’t seem to care what the haters think.

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The TV Weatherman Who Is Trying To Save Miami From Drowning

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Hey, Can Someone Come Claim This Box Of Human Ashes Already?

Police in one small Alabama town are perplexed.

And no, they weren’t asked to pick their favorite flavor of donut at the local Krispy Kreme.

They are confused because they have been unable to determine whose ashes were left on the side of a busy highway near the Florida line.

Yes that’s right. Human ashes.


Credit: Florala Police

According to the AP, the strange find was made by a power line crew in the small town of Florala, AL about a month ago.

“We took it out of the case to see if there was a name or business card or anything to go by, and of course there was nothing in it,” Florala Police Chief Sonny Bedsole chief told the AP.

Apparently at least four people have inquired with police about the box of human ashes but the case is still unsolved.


Credit: Florala Police

An folded American flag kept in a glass case was found near the box of ashes, causing some to believe a military connection.

Florala has less than 2,000 people living in it and is located on the far southern border of the state.

According to the AP, the remains were found close to U.S. 331, which is a busy road filled with people coming and going from the popular tourist destinations on the Florida Panhandle. So the remains could belong to someone who was just passing through the area.

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Cover Photo Credit: Kristin Nador/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

You Have To See The Miami Beach Fire Department Do The Running Man Challenge

The running man challenge has been all over social media for weeks now and frankly it is starting to get a bit stale.

But there are always exceptions of course. And the Miami Beach Fire Department version is an exception to be sure.

Just take a look:


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Cover Photo Credit: Facebook (Screengrab)

Have You Checked Out Lately? You Probably Should

Oh Alabama chief justice Roy Moore.

How we love to hate you and your bigoted views on gay people. And apparently we’re not alone.

You see, Roy Moore has twice run for governor (2006 and 2010) and failed both times.

He also failed as a Presidential candidate in 2012 (yep he actually tried to be President).

He is best known however as a national laughingstock that has brought some pretty bad shame to the Yellowhammer state due to his fundamentalist views and intransigence on matters of basic human rights.

But he also seems to be entrenched as chief justice until he is forced out due to his age in 2018.

Until that great day however, you have

Created by a guy named Justin Gandy from Russellville, the site brutally mocks Moore for his backward beliefs on gay rights.

Here’s a taste from the site’s homepage, which is posing as a real campaign site for the judge:

“My name is Roy Moore, and I’m committed to making  gay people go away because they are icky and Jesus doesn’t love them. Like you, I want to play an active role in making gay people’s lives as miserable as our own. I will work at the community, state and country level to make Alabama a safer, better place to raise our children, run a business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise that is free from the tyranny of Clay Aiken and Sam Smith. I don’t care how angelic Sam Smith’s voice is I’m not listening to it!”

It also includes an “endorsements” page that is quite nice indeed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.08.32 PM

Oh yes please.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.09.26 PM

Moore could run for governor again in 2018 when his term as chief justice ends, but if he does he’ll have to get creative about his choice for website URL since Gandy owns the domain until 2019.

RISE NEWS has tried reaching out to Gandy and we’ll update this story when we speak to him.

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The Story Behind “Miami’s Like Most Super News Source, Bro”

Folks, there is finally a website that is making fun of Miami, the sunshine capital of the world, in the bro-tastic way ever.

Welcome: The Plantain

It is a satirical news website in the style of The Onion run by some folks at Engage Miami, a non-profit that seeks to raise youth involvement in Miami’s public life.

And by satirical, the creator of The Plantain, Justin Wales, means fake, even if it sometimes sounds somewhat real.

Here’s some recent headlines from the site:

Miami Herald to Drop Vowels in Cost Cutting Effort

Dolphin Expressway to be Converted to 15 Consecutive Miles of Toll Booths

Florida Orange Growers Protests Beyonce Concert Over Lemonade Release

“I would not take anything in The Plantain as factually accurate,” Sara Yousuf, a member of Engage Miami said in an interview with RISE NEWS. “The Plantain does not ask people to do things. It is certainly not a tool for political organizing, but it does create conversations and awareness about things that happen in Miami.”

The target of these bitting jokes are millennials from across South Florida who are from all walks of life.

According to the Census Bureau, millenials have become the largest population in the country, but they are also considered to be the most recent generation to become highly detached from political institutions, based on a study made by the Pew Research Center.

While millennials can be perceived as disconnected from the political process, Wales says that they are connected in terms of philosophy of thought.

“That connection means that you are able to mobilize much easier,” Wales said. “Examples like Black Lives Matter, the current Bernie Sander’s Campaign, even the previous presidential campaign for Obama showed that millennials were able to be connected through these movements.”

But in order for a movement to happen then people in it have to be able to connect with each other and have a common well of knowledge to draw upon.

“Any person can have access to any type of information,” Wales said. “We have seen over the course of the past years, the democratization of content, in which, any person can distribute information to whoever they want.”

To hone on this newfound democratized content flow, The Plantain’s content producers, some members of Engage Miami as well as other freelance writers, are providing humorous stories not only to entertain millennials, as well as other generations, but also to bring awareness to local issues in Miami.

“In order to communicate with young people, you need to speak to them at their level, through humor and other unique ways.” Wales said. “All this to present an idea and make it enticing for a reader to take it in.”

But political content is only interesting if it is fun according to Yousuf.

“There is something about satire that makes you laugh, and then it makes you think and ask questions,” Yousuf said. “We are making fun as who we are in Miami, but the point that we are trying to make is very real.”

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Alabama Starman Catches Alien Migraine (Or Something Like That)

By Chance Willie

An anonymous Tuscaloosa, AL stargazer reported an almost poetic UFO sighting early Tuesday morning.

The account appeared on a message board hosted by the UFO Stalker website, which catalogs UFO sightings from around the country.

The sighting allegedly occurred when the observer stepped outside to smoke a cigarette and was greeted by an object resembling a shooting star darting across the sky, abruptly changing directions and leaving trails of green and orange light in its wake.

The observer reports being stricken by a mysterious headache as the object shot away into the dusk. Whether the account was fact or fiction, it makes for an interesting read.

RISE NEWS has reached out to the website to try to get in touch with the person who made the post. We’ll update with any additional information. 

Here’s the full account posted to the website:

“At exactly 4:01 A.M. I went outside on my balcony to smoke a cigarette. I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky at night, and I have seen many shooting stars. Shootings stars move extremely fast and appear to zoom across your range of vision in an instant. The “light” I saw tonight did no such thing. While it did vanish in an instant, it did not zoom across my range of vision. Directly in the center of the sky, what appeared to be a large aircraft, lit up in the darkness–without making a sound. It instantly propelled itself into the distance leaving behind a momentary trail of green and orange light. What was most unusual about this sighting was that the object changed direction. The object also moved much more quickly than any shooting star that I have ever seen. I could not determine its exact location or distance. However, initially after lighting up, the size of the object appeared three to four times larger than the stars in the sky. This means that the object was either much larger and/or much closer than our closest stars. After the incident, I felt slightly uncomfortable–as if I had a headache, but only in the front half of my brain.”

Ever see anything strange? Either in the sky or on a city council balance sheet? Send us a news tip to

H/T to Tuscaloosa News reporter Stephen Dethrage

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Cover Photo Credit: maxime raynal/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

This Politician Dressed Up Like Donald Trump At An AIDS Walk To Make An Important Point

North Miami City Councilman Scott Galvin is known for his unique approach to serving his constituents.

An early adopter of email newsletters and blogging to keep people that live in his city informed, Galvin has recently started producing web videos for the same purpose.

But none of that quite compares to what Galvin did to support the Florida AIDS Walk and Music Festival.


Galvin is not afraid to take a stand on issues that are a bit bigger than North Miami, a diverse northern Miami suburb with nearly 60,000 residents.

So he decided to make fun of Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump to raise money for the AIDS walk.

Galvin dressed as “The Donald” and walked around the event carrying fake money with Trump’s face on it.

“I’ve been wearing silly costumes in the Walk since 2009, when I was a leprechaun,” Galvin said in an interview with RISE NEWS. “I always try to do something unique, as it’s a big point in my fundraising efforts. This year, I truly didn’t have an original idea. And then I saw a recent Republican debate. My costume immediately became clear.”

Galvin has been involved with AIDS walks for years and has been walking in them since 2007.

While most people at the walk understand that Galvin was making fun of Trump and his arrogant manor (he was also saying one-lines as he walked around like “I’m building a wall around YOUR house”), some people didn’t get the joke.

“A few were unsure, however, and wondered if I was supporting Trump,” Galvin said. “A few wouldn’t even take my fake money and just gave me disgusted looks.”


While it was all in good fun, Galvin said that he really does believe that Trump poses a threat to the LGBT community.

“An affront to any minority community is an affront to us all,” Galvin said. “If we sit silently as Trump insults Mexicans and Muslims, who will be around to defend us when it is our turn?”

Galvin’s efforts seemed to have paid off as he was able to raise around $8,000 for the walk.

“Trump’s campaign is as much a hot mess as I was walking in the sun wearing a clown wig and orange make up,” Galvin said. “At least I was able to turn his idiocy into a few laughs for a good cause.”

Cover Photo Credit: Scott Galvin/ Facebook

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