This Video Perfectly Shows How Modern Lobbying Really Works

A video posted to Facebook is bringing the problem of the increased role of money in electoral politics in the United States to the forefront of millennial dialogue.

The video was created by Represent.Us, a group that calls itself a “non-partisan movement to end money in politics corruption.” The video was also played on local television in Washington, D.C. and has gone viral on social media.

Represent.Us is known for its support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, which seeks to “reign in congressional corruption and restore a government that represents every American.” 

Using parody as its means, the video makes an awfully good point about how the system works today. 


LobbyWOW!We just ran this infomercial for lobbyist corruption during the DC morning news!!

Posted by Represent.Us on Thursday, March 17, 2016

“Take A Leake”: Alabama Bro Running For SGA Election Urges Supporters To Piss And Vote For Him

Student government elections are a favorite of ours to cover because of all the funny stuff that happens.

And there are few SGA elections this year that are more interesting then the one taking place at the University of Alabama.

Coming off an historic election last year which saw the election of the first African-American SGA president at UA in over 30 years, people are paying attention to see what happens next.

Read More: A Petition Campaign To Name A Building After Harper Lee On The University Of Alabama Campus Is Picking Up Steam

And while most of the campaigning on campus is fairly serious, one candidate is trying to have a little fun along the way.

His name is Ben Leake and he wants you take a piss and vote for him.

Don’t believe us? Just want his campaign video. You won’t be disappointed:

Photo Credit: Benedict Leake/ Youtube (Screengrab)

People Are Actually Raising Money To Get Kanye Out Of Debt

You can’t make this stuff up.

A group of people have organized on the Internet crowdfunding website GoFundMe to try to fundraise $53 million to help Kanye West get out of debt.

Yep. (God, please have these people be kidding.)

West recently revealed on Twitter that he is $53 million in the hole, and begged Mark Zuckerberg for some coin.

According to the Rootthe page was organized by a man named Jeremy Piatt of Minnesota.

“Kanye West, prolific entertainer/fashion icon/celebrity/member of the Kardashian family needs our help!,” a message from Piatt says on the crowdfunding page. “Recently, Kanye let us in on his personal struggle. He is 53 million dollars in debt and it doesn’t look like he’s going to get Mark Zuckerberg’s help that he desperately needs.

“We must open our hearts and wallets for Kanye today. Sure he is personally rich and  can buy furs and houses for his family, but without our help, the true genius of Kanye West can’t be realized.”

Not everyone is a big supporter of the campaign.

“I donate negative 54 million dollars,” Laurie Sanford said in the comments section of the page. “Maybe his clothing line should not have looked like the bums in Compton designed them. Wtf?? How about we raise money to feed starving children here in America?? Hmmm.. What a thought.”

So far the campaign has raised just under $800. So that should help.

I Traveled Around Europe And Took Lots Of Selfies With People Making Out In The Background

When I studied abroad in Prague from February to June 2015, I spent a lot of time exploring parks and green spaces.

I also quickly noticed I was one of the only people walking along without some sort of dog or lover companion.

For people who don’t often make eye contact with strangers, Czech people have off-the-charts PDA.

I thought this was stunning and hilarious so I decided to take advantage of it through a photo series. Most of the photos are from Prague in the daytime, and I expanded as I traveled to other cities across Europe.

When I saw people locking lips on the street, I would snap quick selfies. I challenged myself to make sure the people in the picture didn’t know I was taking it, which was never really much of a challenge at all:



I found these two making out on the sidewalk as I was on my way to meet friends in downtown Prague.


Objects are closer than they appear.


Just about all of these were more than quick pecks – I had to have the time to notice the pair kissing, find my phone, position it and snap the picture all while they were still smooching.


I felt like pictures in bars were kind of cheap shots, but this happened at my table so I made an exception.


Not my best work. The three of us were the only ones in sight, and I was happy to keep my distance.


This one was an accomplishment. Partly because I ran four miles before I took this picture, partly because it was my only horizontal find.



In this one, it almost looks like one person sitting on a Madrid park bench. It looked that way in person too



These two were feeling the heat on a balmy June afternoon in Italy. Really, what better way to pass the time between train strikes?



Krakow, Poland, is surrounded by an outstanding green belt. These two took full advantage of it.

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Mike Huckabee Thinks This Adele Video Makes Him Cool. He’s Really Really Wrong.

Presented without comment, because I literally don’t know of any words to describe this thing.

But just know that it is a real thing that was actually produced by a real presidential campaign.

Cover Photo Credit: Mike Huckabee For President/ Youtube (Screengrab)

You Need To Watch This Hilarious Video That Dubs Trump’s Words Over Darth Vader

After a week of negativity on the campaign trail, this video may just be the thing that saves us.

The video from Auralnauts, dubs the best and worst of Donald Trump over Star Wars footage. It is pretty awesome:

H/T: Slate

Cover Photo Credit:  Auralnauts/Youtube/ Screengrab

Someone Vandalized Netflix In The Greatest Way Possible

If you asked any average 17 year old what the name of that online streaming service that they watch their favorite shows on is called, there’s a decent chance some of them would say “Netflix and chill”. That’s how much the meme has soaked into the culture.

Well finally somebody took the viral term to the real life brick and mortar of Netflix in Los Gatos, California according to the Verge.

From the Verge:

“While not the official Netflix headquarters sign, the sign appears to be located near the company’s main building just south of San Jose. Reddit user nicktrvs, who spotted the sign three days ago, reported that it was painted over within a few hours.”

What do you think? Should Netflix just change its name already to embrace its cuddling side?

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Cover Photo Credit: nicktrvs/ Reddit (Screenshot)

There Is An Unbelievably Creepy Clown In Southwest Florida, And People Are Actually Paying Him Money To Scare Others

Wrinkles are not uncommon among those in the graying population of Southwest Florida. Except they are usually on sweet grandmothers who spend their days at Trader Joes and Michaels.

This is not that.

Meet Wrinkles, the worst clown on Earth who literally exists to haunt your dreams.

“I just want to have a good time,” Wrinkles told NBC 2 in Fort Myers. “Make a little extra money on the side, have a little fun before I die.”


All we can say is good luck Florida. You’re going to need it.

Just watch:

Here is he stealing balloons from children:

Yeah we are never going to the Florida gulf coast again.

Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube (NBC 2)

This Video Is The Best Proof Yet That Bernie Sanders Is Larry David

Look the facts just keep mounting. Bernie Sanders and Larry David are clearly the same exact person.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this altered video of a Sanders rally that was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors in August.


Video Credit: Death And Taxes Magazine

H/T Abel Iraola- Facebook

Unholy Toledo: GOP Candidate For Mayor Starts Speaking In Tongues At Local Radio Station

Tonight we bring onto you one of the best videos we could find on the Internet right now.

Ye will soon thank us for this glorious bounty.

But first, let’s set the stage.

Opal Covey is a 75-year-old Toledo resident who has become a fixture in the northwestern Ohio community. (Opal Covey also sounds like a law firm that specializes in a sad sort of construction law.)

Oh course she’s a fixture because she is constantly talking about why she believes that God told her that she will be mayor one day.


“In 2000, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘you’re going to be mayor’,” Covey told NBC 24. “So, I know I have to keep on running until that happens.”

Covey has run for mayor of the city four times before, but has never garnered more than 400 votes.

In her 2015 campaign, Covey decided to stop by local radio station, 1370 WSPD. After an interview, host Fred LeFebvre and Covey had quite the conversation in a hallway at the station. Luckily for us all, it was recorded.

Things start to go downhill around the 1:00 mark of the video after LeFebvre calls Covey a “false prophet” for not winning elect before.

We’d hate to spoil the rest.

Watch: Candidate For Toledo Mayor Speaks In Tongues 

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H/T To Wonkette

Photo Credit: Screenshot/ 1370 WSPD Video

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