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INFOGRAPHIC: Some Simple Tips To Help You Job Hunt In The Digital Age

By Nick Rojas

If you’ve ever created a profile online, you have a digital footprint.

How does that footprint impact your current job search efforts?

It’s important to understand how powerful an online presence when searching for new positions.

Seventy-five percent of recruiters say they will research a candidate online.

Another seventy percent say they have rejected candidates based on the results of online research. Cleaning up your online reputation is a smart strategy for job hunters in the digital age.


Establish your online reputation with a LinkedIn account.

The basic account is free to setup. You can provide a digital resume by completing the available sections. Ensure your text is free of grammar and spelling errors and complete as much of the profile as you can. Uploading a professional picture makes it 14 times more likely that your profile will be found by potential employers.

Managing your personal profile is another important part of establishing a professional, digital reputation. Assess your personal social media accounts.

If you post links or images that might paint you in a less than professional manner, your social media accounts should either be deleted, set to private, or not associated with your full name.

These simple steps will go a long way in giving employers a professional overview of you and your experience.


Video resumes are a great way to separate your application from ninety percent of the available resumes in circulation.

Social media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine can be used to host your video.

For best results, work with an editor to produce a polished final product. While a video is a great way to introduce yourself to a potential employer, a low-quality result can leave a horrible first impression.

Video Interviews

Employers are taking advantage of the stable and affordable options in video conferencing to conduct video interviews.

These interviews can be both one or two-way interviews. In either case, prepare before the interview to ensure you have the proper connection speed and equipment to conduct a seamless conversation.

Practice with a friend to make sure you are comfortable with the format. Make sure your dress, grooming and visible surrounding are in order to project a professional appearance.

The tools available for job seekers in the digital age are powerful if used appropriately.

Take advantage of the benefits of a professional online reputation and avoid the pitfalls that can affect your chances before you have a chance to present your case to potential employers.


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