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Here’s The Pros And Cons Of All Of Trump’s Potential Running Mates

Donald Trump is in need of a running mate who can help him win the White House.

But who should he pick?

On July 4, Breitbart, perhaps the most well-known and most popular pro-Donald Trump news media website, launched a straw poll for users to state their first, second, and third choices for Donald Trump’s running mate.

The choices distilled from that online poll are listed in the below chart, as are the potential pros and cons.

Information courtesy of The Atlantic, other cited sources, and personal knowledge I have known for a long time.

Candidate Name Pros Cons
Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio Is well-known for his hardline stances on illegal immigration. Brings virtually nothing else to the table. Would also be by far the oldest vice president ever elected, being 84 years old on Election Day (the current record-holder is Alben Barkley, Harry Truman’s Vice President, who was elected at age 70).

Representative from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn

Is a woman. Is experienced with the legislative process, and therefore fits the profile of a VP who could, in Trump’s words, “get things done” with passing legislative agendas. Was a member of House leadership during the John Boehner era, which is derided by many conservatives as being one of the most, if not the most ineffective Republican congressional leadership in the history of the party.
Neurosurgeon from Florida Ben Carson Is well-liked due to his friendly personality. Is popular with social conservatives. Is African American. Is very inexperienced in politics; would bring little to the table if Trump wants a VP that would help him with policy, which he does.
Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie Is experienced in politics, being a two-term governor and a former U.S. attorney. Is a very dynamic campaigner. Is very similar to Trump personality-wise. Is deeply unpopular in his home state.  Is despised by social conservatives. Has been accused of covering for members of Hamas by prominent conservative activists. His support of a state-level version of the DREAM Act goes against one of Trump’s biggest campaign positions.  And of course, Bridgegate.

Senator from Tennessee Bob Corker

Like Trump, is a real estate businessman who entered politics and has bragged about “the art of the deal.” As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and a member of the banking committee, he could help Trump in those areas of policy. Is not well-known, and is despised by hardliners who do know him.

Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton

Is a military veteran who could assist Trump on foreign policy matters. Is young and well-known. Is highly inexperienced with the legislative process, as he has only been in the Senate for a year and a half.
Senator from Texas Ted Cruz Would end the Trump-Cruz schism that has divided the party. Is Hispanic. Would turn off moderates, who find him too extreme on social issues. Is despised by the Republican Senate leadership, and this would be a problem for Trump’s efforts to pass legislative agendas.
Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst Is a woman. Is a former lieutenant colonel in the National Guard. Is young and charismatic. Has name recognition. Is inexperienced as a politician, having served only a year and a half in Washington. Would turn off some fiscal conservatives due to her positions on trade.
Governor of Oklahoma Mary Fallin Is a woman. Is experienced in the political process. Does not bring much else to the table due to low name recognition. Would also turn off some social conservatives.

Former Lieutenant General Mike Flynn

Is a military man; would give Trump defense credentials. Is a registered Democrat, despite being an adviser to the Trump campaign. Would turn off social conservatives with his positions on same-sex marriage and abortion. Some say he’s too extreme on Islam even by Trump standards.
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich His intellect and experience as former Speaker of the House fits the profile of a VP who could, in Trump’s words, “get things done” with passing legislative agendas. “Has been known to say wacky things on his own part, in addition to Trump’s statements.” Is despised by some social conservatives over his two divorces, Brings little to the table for demographic reasons as well as a lack of foreign policy experience. NAFTA, a free trade agreement despised by many Trump supporters, was passed under his watch as House Speaker.
Governor of Ohio John Kasich Is experienced in politics as a two-term governor and former Congressman, and therefore fits the profile of a VP who could, in Trump’s words, “get things done” with passing legislative agendas. Has a temperament that would balance Trump. His presidential campaign results have indicated that he has not capable of bringing much to the table.
Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin Would increase Trump’s appeal with women and social conservatives. Is a woman. Would turn off Republicans who were alienated by her being on the ticked in 2008.

Governor of Indiana Mike Pence

Is experienced with the legislative process, and therefore fits the profile of a VP who could, in Trump’s words, “get things done” with passing legislative agendas. Is very popular with social conservatives. Has recently run afoul of some social conservatives over a controversial religious liberty bill. Would be forced to immediately resign his office if he decides to run with Trump, as per Indiana law.
Senator from Florida Marco Rubio Is young and charismatic. Is a Hispanic, and could increase Trump’s appeal among that ethnic group. Is experienced with foreign policy. Is Hispanic. He and Trump did not get along well during the primaries, and Rubio has expressed a lack of interest for that reason. Also was a sponsor of the Gang of Eight immigration bill, which is despised by most Trump supporters.

Senator from South Carolina Tim Scott

Is African American. Is well-liked by conservatives who know about him. Is relatively inexperienced, only having been in Washington since 2011. Has low name recognition. His main focus as a legislator has been on education, which is not a core issue of Trump’s campaign.

Senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions

Is well-known among die-hard Trump supporters. Is widely viewed as being in lock-step with Trump on immigration. Is disliked by libertarian-leaning Republicnas due to his positions on the PATRIOT Act and government spying.
Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker Has high name recognition due to his hard-line positions on taxes and spending and his infamous 2011 standoff with Democrats over a budget bill that sparked a walkout of Democratic legislators. Is weak on immigration, and is hated by some Trump supporters over this. His disastrous debate performances during the primaries cannot be overlooked.

Representative from Montana Ryan Zinke

Is very socially liberal; could appeal to moderates. Is inexperienced, having served in the House for only a year in a half. Is despised by social conservatives.


Regardless of your political positions, which of the above candidates do you think would help Trump the most in the long run?

Feel free to comment below!

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Reports: Marco Rubio Will Run For Reelection

Despite repeated statements to the contrary, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will run for reelection.

Rubio had previously promised that he would be a private citizen after his current term ends in January.

He even reportedly tried to get a gig with the Miami Dolphins for when his time in office was over.

According to the Washington Post, Rubio was wooed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to run again due to the fact that he would give the GOP the best chance to keep hold of the seat.

“If that were to happen, that would be a great outcome,” McConnell told a Post reporter while smiling.

Rubio came to national recognition in 2010 when his grassroots campaign toppled then Republican heavyweight Charlie Crist in the Republican primary for an open Senate seat. Rubio went on to beat Crist (who left the GOP to become an Independent) and the Democratic nominee by a wide margin.

Rubio’s star continued to rise until his ill-fated 2016 presidential campaign that was stopped by Donald Trump.

However, Trump has come out in recent weeks to urge Rubio to run for reelection:

He will have to face a crowded Republican primary, including a current member of Congress (Ron DeSantis), the current Lt. Gov Carlos Lopez-Cantera, and wealthy businessman Carlos Beruff.

The most recent polls before Rubio’s expected announcement showed that Beruff was leading the primary race. He gained attention a few weeks ago after he repeatedly called President Obama an “animal” in a speech at a local party event.

Rubio will almost certainly become the frontrunner in the primary and will have a strong chance to retain his seat.

His potential Democratic opponents include Reps. Patrick Murphy and Alan Grayson. And a recent poll out yesterday from Quinnipiac shows that Rubio has a 7 point lead on both Democrats.

But Rubio does have a way to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.

Let us never forget this gem:


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Can Marco Rubio Save His Florida Campaign By Rallying Young Miami To His Aid?

By Camila Saenz


Senator Marco Rubio once again set foot on Florida International University’s Modesto A. Maidique Campus Wednesday, but this time he is looking for some serious help from the students he once taught.

Rubio is a born and raised Miamian with a family background not uncommon to the 54,000 students who attend FIU.

Rubio also previously taught a Florida Politics class on Monday’s and Fridays even after he was elected to the US Senate.

And according to the college professor tracker, Rate My Professor, students enjoyed his class at the university and seemed to like him.

“Probably the most amazing professor I have ever had,” one reviewer wrote on Rate My Professor. “Not to mention that he is a sitting U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate. Would definitely take him again.”

Rubio’s political history runs deep in the southern end of Miami-Dade County. He was a long serving member of the Florida House of Representatives (where he eventually rose to be speaker of the body) and was a city councilman in West Miami starting when the future Presidential candidate was in his mid-twenties.

Marco Rubio at a MSNBC town hall on the campus of FIU. Photo Credit: Camila Saenz/ RISE NEWS

Marco Rubio at a MSNBC town hall on the campus of FIU. Photo Credit: Camila Saenz/ RISE NEWS

But not everyone is fond of Rubio these days.

“The people of Florida can’t stand him. He couldn’t get elected dog catcher,” Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said recently. “There will be a lot of advertising. It’s the only thing that might save him. But I doubt it.”

The question many students at FIU find themselves asking is whether or not Rubio will win the Florida primary, and whether they should continue to support him.

“I feel since he is born and raised in Florida he has a connection with the people of Florida,” FIU student Frank Mercado. “Age does not determine how well of a president a person will be, Rubio though young can still be a good choice.”

On Wednesday, a large crowd of students waited to catch a glimpse of Rubio walk through the doors of the Graham Center Ballrooms where he participated in a town hall hosted by MSNBC.

“Rubio has made a large impact on the republican campaign in this election cycle,” A student attending the town hall said after the event. “He is the strongest candidate out of the final four, however, he lacks years and experience.”

According to RealClear Politics, Trump is currently ahead in the polls by more than 15 points in Florida.

The Florida primary will decide which candidate will receive an additional 99 delegates; it can either give  Trump a tighter grip on the GOP nomination or help Rubio stay competitive.

If Rubio loses Florida, he is expected by some to drop out of the contest.

“Donald Trump makes the Republican Party look bad and Ted Cruz does not do a much better job,” Nicolas Zapata, a registered Democrat and FIU student said. “Rubio is the best choice out of the Republicans.

Florida votes on March 15th.

For more information on voting for the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary in Florida visit

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Marco Rubio Just Endorsed A College Kid Running For SGA President (Seriously)

It’s not everyday that real politicians get involved in campus politics.

But that’s exactly what happened at the University of South Carolina Monday when Sen. Marco Rubio endorsed a student vying to be the next SGA president there.

Rubio endorsed Trey Byars, a junior at USC who also works a field organizer for the Florida Senator’s Presidential campaign in the Midlands region of the state.

“As you know, this is a very important election,” Rubio said in a short 15 second tongue-in-cheek video endorsing the student. “A lot is at stake, it’s a generational choice and that is why I am supporting Trey Byars for President.”

USC is holding elections for top SGA offices on Feb 16th and 17th, just a few days before Saturday’s Republican Presidential primary.

Byars is facing Dennzon Winley, Michael Parks, Cory Alpert and Lee Goble in the campus Presidential election.

Who knows if any other Presidential candidate will get involved in the race as political silly season hits a fever pitch.

And who knows, maybe Donald Trump will release an Instagram video bashing Byars over his position on what type of ice cream should be served in the dinning halls.

Or maybe, he’ll just blame him for 9/11.

WATCH: Marco Rubio endorsed an SGA candidate in South Carolina.

Honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio. I have learned a lot through his leadership over the past few months working for his Presidential campaign. #expectmore

Posted by Trey Byars for Student Body President on Monday, February 15, 2016


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Watch Marco Rubio Supporters Manhandle “RobotRubio”

A Youtube video uploaded by liberal activist group Americans United For Change shows supporters of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio manhandling a man dressed up in a robot costume.

The #RobotRubio was meant to make fun of Rubio’s performance during Saturday’s Republican debate. Rubio repeated the same line about President Barack Obama’s competency multiple times during the debate.

The video apparently was take in Manchester, NH ahead of today’s primary election according to CBS Boston.


This is a breaking news (albeit a funny one) story. More updates here as they become available.

Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube

Marco Loves Obamacare: Rubio Enrolled Under Government Exchange

To hear him tell it, no one is a bigger critic of Obamacare than Florida Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Except, that is, when he’s making decisions about his health insurance plan. Rubio campaign staffers confirmed to NBC late Thursday that he continues to accept a $10,000 federal subsidy reserved for congressional members under an… Read More

This Marco Rubio Senate Speech Is Going Viral And Could Be A Game Changer

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign for president has been a bit underwhelming.

Rubio (along with the rest of the mainstream party favorites) has been overlooked for the bluster and excitement of outsider candidates like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

Polling indicates that Rubio is a top-tier candidate, with the Huffington Post Pollster (an index that averages 157 polls from 29 pollsters) saying that he is currently in 5th place out of 16 candidates.

But for Rubio supporters, there is hope. Their man is a bit of a comeback kid- having upset the then presumed unbeatable Charlie Crist in the 2010 Republican primary for senate.

One way that Rubio could position himself is as someone who has a firm grasp of foreign policy matters and a strong vision for the future.

Well, a video widely circulating on social media may help the junior senator from the Sunshine state accomplish that goal.

The video is of a Senate floor speech Rubio gave last week before a key vote on President Obama’s deal nuclear agreement with Iran.

So far, it has been watched over 800,000 times on Facebook and shared nearly 25,000 times.

It will be interesting to see how Rubio approaches the upcoming CNN debate and whether he tries to dominate foreign policy questions.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot/ Marco Rubio Senate Office

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