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A “Cat Cafe” Just Opened In Miami Beach. Seriously

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–After two years of waiting, Miami Beach finally has its very own “cat cafe”.

-The simply named Cat Cafe South Beach opened to the public on November 16. 

-Featuring nearly 40 adoptable cats of all ages, the shop also serves hot drinks like coffee and tea and offers some light fare. 

-Anyone can come to pet or play with the cats, but you are asked to give a minimum donation of $15 for adults and $12 for children 11 and under. 

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Miami Beach’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Has Opened

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Surterra Wellness opened their storefront Monday at 1523 Alton Road after a “big effort” to get it opened. 

It is the company’s first South Florida dispensary and one of only a handful in the region. 

–The shop technically opened on April 20 (4/20, duh)- but was forced to relaunch on April 23. 

–Florida is one of 29 states have legalized medicinal marijuana. 

–A petition drive to get a measure to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use on the November ballot failed earlier this year. 


There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This El Portal House

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Miami Has A Think Tank Now. Can It Save The City?

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–The Miami Urban Future Initiative is a think tank that is 100% devoted to researching how to make South Florida better. 

A joint venture between FIU, the Knight Foundation and the Creative Class Group, it is connected to well known urbanist Richard Florida

–The group produces white papers on topics relating to growth and development in the region. 

–They consider “Miami” to be Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

–Operating under the theory that politicians don’t have a longterm view of the future, the group is trying to create data that can lead to better policy outcomes. 

–It is run by Chris Caines- a former interim director of the Knight Foundation’s Miami Program and Michael Aquino, a Miami native who grew up in Wynwood before it was gentrified. 

–The group hosts live events that are free to attend. 


There’s A Secret Buddhist Temple In This El Portal House

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Huge Shark Spotted Near Swimmers Off Miami Beach

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–A large shark was spotted close to swimmers off Miami Beach this past weekend. 

-According to the Miami Herald, it was probably a tiger shark, but Vince Conosa, the chief of Miami Beach’s Ocean Rescue wasn’t 100% sure. 

-The video was taken by professional drone photographer Kenny Melendez. 


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This Legit Hoverboard Was Spotted On Miami Beach

There can be no doubt now, we are living in the damn future.

People on Miami Beach were shocked earlier today when they saw a scene straight out of Back To The Future.

While we are working to confirm what exactly it was that scores of people witnessed on the beach, it looks similar to a product called the Flyboard Air.

We are freaking out right now.

Hoverboards are an actual thing now.


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Miami Beach Just Opened A New Kayak Ramp

The City of Miami Beach opened a new Kayak launch today at 73 St and Dickens Avenue.

Outdoorsy types seemed pretty excited about the news.

The city manager, Jimmy Morales also spoke about why he thinks the new launch will be good for the city.


“Walkabout Miami”: Go Inside The Oldest Building In The Western Hemisphere. And Yes It’s In Miami

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Photo Credit: City of Miami Beach/ Twitter

You Have To Check Out This Andy Warhol Inspired Cocktail

Andy Warhol is one of the most iconic artists in the history of the United States. So it only makes sense that someone would eventually try to honor him with a cocktail.

Daniel Najarro, the bar manager at Bagatelle Miami Beach came up with the concept for the drink for the upcoming Art Basel in Miami.

It is Ketel One Orange, fresh strawberry, ginger beer and lime all in an iconic Campbell’s coup can.

“Inspired by Andy Warhol, one of the most iconic leading figures in POP ART, this special cocktail salutes all of his memorable work throughout the years,” Carrie Hyman a spokesperson for the Bagetelle said in a release.

unnamedDo you think the drink measures up to the legacy of Warhol?

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Knife Wielding Man Shot And Killed On Miami Beach While Bystander Films

In a shocking video, a Miami Beach police officer shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to rob a local bank earlier this morning.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by Marcellus Johnson, an event photographer.

It was later republished by the Miami New Times which reported that the man had held up a Bank of America according to Miami Beach police.

The man was apparently armed with a straight razor that he took from a barbershop before he was killed.

From the Miami New Times

“The confrontation started about 10:30 this morning when a hold-up alarm at the 1414 Alton Road Bank of America alerted police; the suspect said he was armed with a bomb, the teller told police.”

WATCH: Miami Beach Police shot and kill man on Alton Road. (Warning: Video is graphic)

This is breaking news. More to come. Stay with Rise News. 

Cover Photo Credit: Marcellus Johnson/ Instagram

VIDEO: Sea Level Rise Is Not Just Impacting Miami Beach In South Florida

By Maria Serrano

As the national debate over climate change intensifies, South Florida has become a flashpoint. And South Florida is much more than South Beach.

On Nov. 24, 2015, fifteen days after king tide day, the largest tidal range seen over the course of a year, the residential neighborhood known as the Upper East Side in Miami was still experiencing floods.

The area has an annual estimated income per household of $45,000.

Similar to Miami Beach, the Upper East Side is a middle-income community facing the consequences of sea level rise, but it has not received the attention or funding necessary to protect its residents, their houses, and small businesses.

Scientists, researchers, legislators and residents recently met at Little River Pocket Park, located in the Northeastern section of the neighborhood, to collect data, learn about sea level rise, and discuss that this is not simply an issue for Miami Beach, but a coastal issue for much of South Florida.

“It’s designed to get citizens involved in being a part of the solution,” Juliet Pinto a, Journalism Professor at Florida International University and organizer of the event for said.

More events like this are being planned by in the upcoming months to increase the awareness about sea level rise and the consequences for residents of South Florida.

WATCH: Sea Level Rise Impacts In Upper East Side of Miami


Bus Catches Fire On Miami Beach

A coach bus caught fire Sunday in Miami Beach. The fire is now out but the vehicle has yet to be towed away from the scene. There is no word on any injures, if any associated with the fire.

The fire was originally captured by a Rise News reporter in the area, Santiago Archieri.

The incident took place at the intersection of 41st and Indian Creek near the Sunset Beach Condominium complex a few blocks south of the well known Fontainebleau Hotel. Other people in the area quickly snapped photos of the bus fire.

Rise News cannot independently confirm that the engine exploded.

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Cover Photo Credit: Santiago Archieri

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