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VIDEO: Massive Brawl Unfolds Inside Miami Beach Five Guys

A brawl at a Miami Beach Five Guys restaurant is going viral after a video of the event was posted on Youtube.

The Miami New Times is reporting that little is known of what led up to the actual event.

From the Miami New Times report:

“The restaurant certainly seems to be the location on South Beach. The particular outlet is located near the heart of Miami Beach’s nightclub district and is open every night until 4 a.m. The fact a couple of costumers in the background can be seen in costume, indicating that it was taking over the Halloween weekend.

Yet, Miami Beach Police confirm they didn’t receive any reports of the fight until the video started going viral.”

In a back and forth on Twitter, well known Miami area film director and civic activist Billy Corben was able to get a response from the fast food chain.

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Cover Photo Credit: BurrTv A1LenzProductions/ Youtube (Screenshot)

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