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There Are Now Robot Floor Cleaners At Miami International Airport

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–Miami International Airport (MIA) is now home to two autonomous cleaning vehicles that help polish the floors of busy Concourse D. 

According to a press release announcing the program, the robots are programmable, self-driving machines that are capable of running for more than four hours at a time.

-The robots can polish up to 80,000 square-feet of terminal floor space in four hours, which is roughly equivalent to two football fields.

–C&W Services runs facilities maintenance at MIA and they claim the robots will free up time for their 672 on-site cleaning professionals to focus on other projects. 

“We’re excited to launch these customer-oriented cleaning initiatives at MIA, which is one of C&W Services’ most prominent U.S. partners,” said Milagros Diaz, Operations Director for C&W Services at MIA said in a statement. 

–MIA sees over 44 million visitors each year and over 125,000 per day. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States. 


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Could Miami Ever Actually Become A Tech Hub? Event Seeks To Find Out

When most people think of South Florida, they probably don’t think of start ups and incubator programs.

But there are many people trying to change that perception.

You can listen to some of them tonight (June 30) at the latest Jurnid session about the current state of Miami’s tech hub.

The event will feature a panel discussion with five leading voices on technology and business in the region.

The panelists include:

Faquiry Diaz Cala, the President and CEO, Tres Mares Group Inc.

Mitsunori Ogihara, professor of Computer Science at University of Miami.

Mary Wolff, the CEO/Co-Founder of

Nico Berardi, the Director of AGP Miami

Peter Kovach, the Director of MentorDay.

“We are talking about entrepreneurial growth activities in tech or the lack thereof, challenges, and the solutions to move us forward,” Jurnid founder and event moderator Andrew Quarrie said on the event webpage. “No warm and fuzzy kumbaya banter, just the real of it all – so we know what to fix and how to go forward with clarity.”

Jurnid is a Miami based startup that connects freelance writers with publishers among other services.

The event will start at 6:30 PM and is taking place at, located at 120 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33130.

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Cover Photo Credit: Jurnid/ Facebook

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