Watch A Young Barack Obama Rise In The New Trailer For Netflix Movie

The Netflix original film Barry is set to be released on the streaming service on Dec. 16, just under a month before Barack Obama leaves office.

The film follows a young Obama as he finds his way through New York City during his junior year at Columbia University.

Man, we are going to miss Obama so much come January.

Anyway, check out the new trailer for the film:


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Someone Vandalized Netflix In The Greatest Way Possible

If you asked any average 17 year old what the name of that online streaming service that they watch their favorite shows on is called, there’s a decent chance some of them would say “Netflix and chill”. That’s how much the meme has soaked into the culture.

Well finally somebody took the viral term to the real life brick and mortar of Netflix in Los Gatos, California according to the Verge.

From the Verge:

“While not the official Netflix headquarters sign, the sign appears to be located near the company’s main building just south of San Jose. Reddit user nicktrvs, who spotted the sign three days ago, reported that it was painted over within a few hours.”

What do you think? Should Netflix just change its name already to embrace its cuddling side?

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Cover Photo Credit: nicktrvs/ Reddit (Screenshot)

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