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He’s Married To An American Citizen And Has An American Son. But He’s Getting Deported Anyway

What’s News In This Story?

–The Musmanno family is in the middle of a horror that is becoming common in immigrant communities around the United States. 

-A loved one is in a ICE jail. And there’s little hope of getting him out. He’s scheduled to be deported. 

-Flavio Musmanno has been sitting in an ICE jail in Ohio since August 28. 

-Flavio is an undocumented immigrant who has lived in the United States since 2000.

Flavio Musmanno and his family.

-Flavio has long worked construction jobs and was well liked by bosses who considered him a hard worker. He followed the work to Seneca County, Ohio. 

-On August 28, he lost his wallet at a gas station. 

-Within an hour, and many of the facts surrounding his arrest are still murky, he was called by an ICE officer and then detained. 

-ICE did not respond to a request for information surrounding Flavio’s arrest. 

-Flavio came to the country from Argentina under the visa waiver program and stayed after it expired. He married his longtime girlfriend Fabiana Zuin in 2017. At the time they were married, Fabiana was a permanent resident who was on the way to receiving her citizenship.

-Fabiana is now a US citizen. 

-The family’s attorney tried to get the arresting officer to push for Flavio’s release. 

-ICE has the legal authority to use discretion and release those they arrest due to extenuating personal circumstances. 

-But the family’s attorney, Linda Osberg-Braun told RISE NEWS that ICE has not been using discretion like they used under the Trump Administration. 

-So despite having an American son and being married to an American wife, Flavio Musmanno is scheduled to be deported back to a country he hasn’t been to in 18 years. 

-And due to the special circumstances involving his entry into the US back in 2000 under the visa waiver program, Flavio does not have a right to be seen by a judge. 

-Unless something changes, Flavio will be deported on October 9th. 

-According to Osberg-Braun, he won’t be able to come back to the US for up to 10 years. 

-The family is raising money to provide for the legal defense of Flavio. 

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North Miami Beach Enters Farmers Market Game With Monthly Event

What’s New With This Story: 

-North Miami Beach Farmers And Artisanal Market debuted to a solid showing the Sunday before Thanksgiving. 

-The Market will run monthly starting in January. 

-NMB Commissioner Marlen Martell has worked on delivering a Farmers Market to the city for years. 

-Martell teamed up with Wynwood Farmers Market CEO Melissa Frantz to get the project off the ground this year. 

The North Miami Beach Farmers And Artisanal Market opened on November 19.

The market is North Miami Beach’s first entry into the farmers market game and will become a monthly event starting in January.

The market was created after NMB Commissioner Marlen Martell approached Wynwood Farmers Market CEO Melissa Frantz.

NMB Commissioner Marlen Martell (L) and Wynwood Farmers Market CEO Melissa Frantz (R) were the driving forces behind the market.

Martell had long dreamed of bringing a market to NMB and was impressed by what Frantz had accomplished in Wynwood.

“I went to the one she runs in Wynwood, and it was fabulous,” Martell said in an interview.

Frantz worked with the city to develop the market and was given a big boost by local attorney Victor Dante when he offered to let his parking lot be used for the event.

Over 20 vendors had booths at the event and hundreds of local residents attended.

“I think the vendors are happy,” Frantz said of the first event. “Generally everyone made some sales and they want it to be successful.”

“This could become a really great market. The community really wants it,” Frantz said. “We could easily double what we had today. It brings community together.

Allison Academy provided the musical entertainment at the event.

The next NMB Farmers Market will be on January 20, 2018. The venue will be announced.

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North Miami Beach Commission Votes To Start Negotiations To Privatize Water System

North Miami Beach Commissioners voted 4-2 Monday night to begin negotiations with a private firm to move forward in privatizing the city’s water system.

Residents were not happy when we interviewed them before the decision.

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