Watch A Young Barack Obama Rise In The New Trailer For Netflix Movie

The Netflix original film Barry is set to be released on the streaming service on Dec. 16, just under a month before Barack Obama leaves office.

The film follows a young Obama as he finds his way through New York City during his junior year at Columbia University.

Man, we are going to miss Obama so much come January.

Anyway, check out the new trailer for the film:


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What It Really Means To Be A Woman During This Election

On January 20th, 2009, many Americans wept with joy that we had elected our very first African American President.

And when Obama was actually inaugurated on that day, America’s ideals changed for the better, and history was made.

Thunderous applause exploded in the streets of our cities as we all looked at one another smiling and discussing how far we had come.

For every individual who is dedicated to equality and the teachings of the Civil Rights Movement, Obama’s presidency was more than gratification for electing a smart, center-left Democrat into office.

That moment also stood for the thousands of advocates who fought for liberty and democracy for all around the country.

This was for the legs that carried scores of brave Americans from Selma to Montgomery, for the students in Little Rock, and for all of us that grew up knowing the “I Have A Dream” speech backwards and forwards while having the privilege of never knowing what it felt like to dream of our own freedom and opportunity.


Photo Credit: Mike Norton/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Now, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President, and we are less enthused.

But failing to acknowledge this momentous piece of American history would be a disservice to the women who fought for suffrage and equal rights.

In a now famous DNC video montage of all the past male presidents, the glass shatters and Hillary appears, “I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet”.

In 1919 women were granted the right to vote, second wave feminism fought for women’s sexual, familial, and economic freedom, and today, women’s rights fight for equal pay, respect, the right to choose, and racial and sexual liberty for all.

This is the time in history that America has been struggling towards, and we are taking it for granted.

To be a woman at this time in history means to be a woman who can vote, who can work, use birth control, and maybe even be president.

Hillary might not be the woman that we have all been waiting for, but she represents the moment that we have all been waiting for and that cannot be disregarded.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Her nomination is even more important and profound when you compare her to the Republican nominee.

While Donald Trump attempts to throw America back in history, to a time when fascists ruled with impunity around the world, when your race and religion separated you in your own country, when fear drove people to commit unforgivable acts of hatred and violence, Hillary represents something grander and more fundamentally American.

She is the first woman to be nominated as a major party nominee for President, but she is also a socially empathetic, driven, and passionate leader that cares about people.

The stark difference between her and Trump makes this election an important choice for the kind of America we want to be.

Are we the kind that allows such an unqualified and odious meathead of a man to become commander-in-chief, or are we the kind that is ready to Elect a woman?

This choice goes beyond four years of a single presidency. Like Obama, Hillary Clinton will become a historic model of America.

This is what our children will know about.

They too will learn the “I Have A Dream” speech, and now they will learn the story of the first Black President’s election, and maybe, they will even learn about the first female president.

This is big, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.


Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Of course, people have their complaints about Hillary, and that should be recognized, but this is about so much more than the individual candidate, and this is about avoiding our children learning about the rude and racist 45th president, Adolf- I mean Donald Hitler- sorry, Trump.

We might have our very first female president, and that in it of itself is something to extol.

Like Cory Booker said in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, “Generations of heroic Americans have made our nation more inclusive, more expansive, and more just”. Whatever your feelings of Hillary Clinton may be you cannot disagree that she is far more likely to uphold this ideal than Trump.

Martin Luther King Jr. once explained that, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

There is controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton, but there is so much to appreciate and afford to this woman.

It may feel different than how we dreamt it would, but it is still so incredible, and we should feel proud.

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Florida GOP Senate Candidate Calls Obama An “Animal”

Carlos Beruff, a businessman running for the United States Senate in Florida called President Barack Obama an “animal” at a St. Johns Republican party meeting last Thursday according to the Huffington Post.

Beruff was caught saying the racially tinged statement by a campaign tracker.

“Unfortunately, for seven and a half years this animal we call president, because he’s an animal, OK, seven and a half years, has surgically and with thought and very smart, intelligent manner, destroyed this country and dismantled the military under not one, not two, but three secretary of defenses,” Beruff said during a speech at the meeting. “And they’ve all written books about it.”

Beruff is not expected the win the GOP primary in August since he is only polling around 1 percent in a leading polling average.

The leading Democratic candidate in the race, Congressman Patrick Murphy blasted Beruff’s comments in a statement.

“Mr. Beruff’s statement is not only offensive, but extremely disrespectful to President Obama’s incredible service to our nation,” Murphy said in a written statement obtained by Politico Florida. “I call on Mr. Beruff to immediately apologize for his disrespectful comments. In the U.S. Senate, our diverse state deserves better than Mr. Beruff’s clear record of bigotry.”

Beruff is a member of the Southwest Florida Water Management District and a close ally of Gov. Rick Scott.

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Don’t Have A TV? Watch Obama’s Last State Of The Union Here

Cordcutters assemble!

If you got rid of your TV or never had one to begin with, you can still watch tonight’s State Of the Union Address here thanks to the White House.

It will start at 9:00 PM EST:

Cover Photo Credit: Lindsay Eyink/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Trainpocalypse: Real Danger To The Environment Is In Not Approving The Keystone XL Pipeline

The following is the opinion of the writer of this piece and not necessarily of Rise News.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a divisive issue in American politics. Typically, Republicans favor it, stressing its economic benefits:

“This decision isn’t surprising, but it is sickening. By rejecting this pipeline, the president is rejecting tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.”House Speaker Paul Ryan

While Democrats mostly oppose it, with an intense focus on its environmental impact:

“Allowing the Keystone pipeline to be built requires a finding that doing so would be in our nation’s interest. And our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.” – President Barack Obama

Given how difficult it has become for both sides to agree on anything, let’s just start out with some indisputable facts.

  • The Athabasca oil sands in Alberta, Canada have a substantial amount of oil
  • Around 48 companies have a stake in the oil sands, the majority of them not American-based
  • A pipeline is one of a few different ways to transport oil

The Keystone XL Pipeline is commonly depicted by American politicians as the single determinant in whether this dirty oil is going to be extracted from the ground, but that is a narrow minded take on a large-scale problem.

Whether or not America decides to build one pipeline will not stop Canadian businesses and state and local governments from exploiting the economic windfall of this massive supply of energy. With no major pipeline to move this oil to one of its most logical destinations, many of these businesses have turned to a myriad of options.

America’s railroads have become a much more popular method to distribute their cargo, with western transportation spiking in this last quarter after President Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline.

“The environmental impact is negative either way, but when pipelines burst, they usually don’t present the immediate danger to life and property that derailed oil trains do.”

Transporting oil in a sealed compartment while speeding along metal rails is a much more dangerous option than pushing it through a pipeline.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration even says that “pipelines are currently still the safest means of transporting hazardous liquids and natural gas.”

If a train becomes derailed, multiple massive explosions are a possibility, as evidenced by the 2013 tragedy in Quebec that claimed 47 lives, the deadliest in the history of oil by rail.

WATCH: 2013 BBC report on the Quebec oil train tragedy

According to federal data, more oil was spilled from trains in 2013 than in the previous four decades combined. By creating a political football out of one project, we have avoided talking about the real consequences of action or inaction.

Inaction has led to a situation where oil that is especially combustible is being moved through cities and along rivers, and the problem is accelerating.

Nine railroad incidents spilled 4,900 gallons of oil throughout 2010; in 2014, 143 episodes released 57,600 gallons.

Even in the face of mounting calamities, the oil industry is dragging its feet on implementing new rail safety rules.

Granted, the rate of rail accidents has been declining since 2005, but the amount of oil being moved in the last five years isn’t even comparable to the ones preceding them. The issue has evolved into uncharted territory for the current model.

The Alberta tar sands oil industry is preparing to triple production by 2030. They are under immense pressure to find various methods to export this oil, especially since labor and materials have become more expensive.

Vetoing the creation of a pipeline into America will not keep this oil in the ground. There is plenty of demand for oil here, and any time we have the opportunity to lessen our dependence on Middle Eastern despots in order to become closer to our northern ally, we should take it.

Yes, a pipeline will have negative effects on the environment, but that oil is coming out regardless – the market has spoken. If we don’t buy it, someone else will. Saying no to a pipeline just means that more of this oil will be transported to the United States by alternative methods like rail, and there will continue to be tragedies that cost innocent lives.

The environmental impact is negative either way, but when pipelines burst, they usually don’t present the immediate danger to life and property that derailed oil trains do.

The United States should build a pipeline to the Canadian tar sands in order to alleviate the stress that is being placed on our railroads, and use the tax windfall to invest in an energy future where we don’t have to choose between a handful of lousy options.

Cover Photo Credit: Greg Gjerdingen/ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

In Weekly Address, Obama Says It’s “Insane” To Let People On No-Fly List Purchase Guns

In a weekly address posted to the White House website Saturday, President Barack Obama said that people on the government’s “No-Fly” list, a blacklist for suspected terrorists and criminals, should not be allowed to purchase guns. “Right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If… Read More

WATCH LIVE: Obama Issues Surprise Statement On National Security

President Barack Obama is expected to make a statement from the Roosevelt Room of the White House. The statement was not part of Obama’s previously planned schedule and is going to center around national security. The statement is expected to happen around 12 noon EST.

WATCH LIVE: Obama issues statement to nation. 

Cover Photo Credit: angela n./ Flickr (CC By 2.0)

LIVE NOW: Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Construction

UPDATE – 11:58 AM EST: President Barack Obama is speaking now. Live feed below.

President Barack Obama is expected to announce that his administration has rejected a proposal to construct a 1,179 mile long pipeline that would have cut across the American heartland according to the New York Times.

TransCanada, the company that was lobbying for the construction of the pipeline had attempted to retract its request for review from the Obama administration after it became clear that the proposal would not be approved by the government. Some have speculated that the company is hoping for a Republican to win the White House in 2016 so that they get the project approved.

Obama will speak to the nation at 11:45 AM.

LIVE FEED: (Via White House/ Youtube)

Stay with Rise News as we cover this developing story. 

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Florida State Rep. Shares Facebook Photo That Questions Obama’s Christianity

Florida House Rep. Frank Artiles stepped into hot-water Wednesday after he shared a Facebook photo from a fellow conservative that questions President Barack Obama’s Christian faith.

The post which was posted on a pro Benjamin Netanyahu Facebook group was then shared by Artiles.

The photo uses five examples of what the world looks like “According to Liberal America”. There are references to Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal and the #IStandWithAhmed movement.

But the most controversial photo is the first one. It is a photo that first circulated during the 2008 Democratic Primary campaign and it shows Obama dressed as a Somali Elder during his visit to Kenya in 2006. Obama campaign staffers blamed the Clinton campaign for the photo’s publication in the Drudge Report.

“According to Liberal America… This is a Christian,” the caption says of Obama.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.34.39 PM

Here is a better version of the photo in question:


Obama is a Christian and has spoken at length about the importance of his faith. 

Artiles is a Republican who represents parts of Miami in the Florida House of Representatives. He came to prominence earlier this year after filing legislation to ban transgender people from public bathrooms.

A message sent to Artiles’ private Facebook page was not answered by publication of this piece. A spokesperson in Artiles’ Tallahassee office said she would pass along Rise News‘ inquiry to Artiles.

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Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot (Rep. Frank Artiles Facebook)


Snarky Obama Bashes Republicans For Weakness In Handling CNBC Debate, Says They Couldn’t Deal With Putin

President Barack Obama made fun of the Republican candidates for President for their complaining over perceived unfairness in the last GOP primary debate hosted by CNBC.

“Every one of these candidates says, ‘Obama’s weak, Putin’s kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he’s going to straighten out,'” Obama said to a group of Democratic Party supporters at a fundraiser in New York City Monday. “And then it turns out, they can’t handle a bunch of CNBC moderators. If you can’t handle those guys, I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you.”

Obama also used humor to defend his record in numerous area including on climate change where he said that opposition to climate science would be like ignoring the advice of 99 out of 100 doctors.

WATCH: Snarky Obama attacks GOP over “weakness” (Video: NBC News)

Like this piece? Rise News just launched a few weeks ago and is only getting started. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with global news. Have a news tip? (No matter how big or small!) Send it to us- [email protected]

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