Unholy Toledo: GOP Candidate For Mayor Starts Speaking In Tongues At Local Radio Station

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But first, let’s set the stage.

Opal Covey is a 75-year-old Toledo resident who has become a fixture in the northwestern Ohio community. (Opal Covey also sounds like a law firm that specializes in a sad sort of construction law.)

Oh course she’s a fixture because she is constantly talking about why she believes that God told her that she will be mayor one day.


“In 2000, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘you’re going to be mayor’,” Covey told NBC 24. “So, I know I have to keep on running until that happens.”

Covey has run for mayor of the city four times before, but has never garnered more than 400 votes.

In her 2015 campaign, Covey decided to stop by local radio station, 1370 WSPD. After an interview, host Fred LeFebvre and Covey had quite the conversation in a hallway at the station. Luckily for us all, it was recorded.

Things start to go downhill around the 1:00 mark of the video after LeFebvre calls Covey a “false prophet” for not winning elect before.

We’d hate to spoil the rest.

Watch: Candidate For Toledo Mayor Speaks In Tongues 

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Photo Credit: Screenshot/ 1370 WSPD Video

Man At Virginia Commonwealth University Loses It Over Planned Parenthood Lies

The culture wars are alive and well on some college campuses across the United States.

This reality is documented by a video uploaded to Youtube this past Tuesday by Students for Life of America, which as you can imagine is an anti-abortion national student group.

In the 100 second long video titled, “#DontFundPP Tour: Virginia Commonwealth University”, a man on a bicycle is seen to get very upset at student anti-abortion organizers due to their apparent belief that Planned Parenthood traffics in the sale of fetal body parts.

That claim has been proven incredibly misleading at best.

It is not clear what provoked the man to begin screaming, but Students For Life Of America have an idea as fleshed out in a blog post on their site titled “Embracing some controversy this semester? #worthit”

“Upon one look at the #PPSellsBabyParts banner, he shouted that we were all liars and the videos were a hoax,” an unnamed regional coordinator for the group said. “There have been a number of other students claiming the videos are fake, but most students stop and take time to have a discussion.”

The unnamed regional coordinator went on:

“I patiently stood with copies of the forensic report in my hand while this man yelled in our faces interrupting every response we offered. I was also holding my four-month-old, Lucy, when another woman rushed over to stand in between him and the baby.”

60% of Americans want to maintain federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

You be the judge. Did the man go too far? Was he justified in the way he behaved? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Cover Photo Credit: Screenshot of  Students for Life of America Video/ Youtube

This Florida Democrat Didn’t Vote To Give Gay Veterans Equal Partner Benefits In Congress

Congresswoman Corrine Brown, a long serving Democratic member of the US House didn’t vote to extend federal benefits to the spouses of LGBT couples last Thursday.

In a shocking move first reported by Politico, Brown reversed course on her previous support of an amendment that according to the Human Rights Campaign would “correct outdated language” in statutes that define spouses as a member of the “opposite sex”.

The proposed amendment- the Veteran Spouses Equal Treatment Act was proposed by Dina Titus (D-NV) and was designed to allow same-sex spouses of military veterans to receive benefits entitled to them under federal law.

“This amendment would take a critical step in ensuring in statute that the voices of LGBT veterans are consistently heard and ensure the LGBT community is represented when addressing the issues that affect minority veterans,” a statement from the Human Rights Campaign said.

Brown, the ranking member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee voted present when the amendment came to a vote.

“I never question someone’s motives for how they vote, but what upset us is, one, she changed her vote and second, she didn’t let us know and she is our leader,” Titus was quoted by Politico as saying about Brown. “We’re talking about a number of options….We’re going to do something. We want to hear her explanation and we want her to hear why we are upset. It was really disappointing.”

While Brown’s vote didn’t impact the outcome of the failure of the amendment to pass (12 of the 14 Republicans on the committee voted against it), it has sparked questions about her motivations and whether it is due to her positioning for the 2016 election- when she is expected to compete in a more conservative district.

Twitter was not pleased with the Congresswoman after the vote.

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Adapt or Die: The GOP Should Embrace Gay Marriage So They Can Stay Politically Relevant To Young People

In June, same sex marriage advocates won a major victory when the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had a right to marry in all 50 states. The ruling was a major step forward for the LGBT community and has become a massive political powder keg for the Republican Party.

As the GOP primaries continue, many conservative leaders and presidential hopefuls have come out strongly against the Supreme Court decision in the hope of striking a chord with the religious right.

Mike Huckabee has repeatedly denounced the Supreme Court decision, going as far as to compare the Supreme Court to King George III. Huckabee was also present when Kim Davis, a Kentucky clerk imprisoned for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, was released from prison and has vowed to protect Davis’ constitutional rights.

Although Huckabee has been one of the most vocal in his outrage against the Supreme Court’s decision, he is far from the only opponent.

Gov. Bobby Jindal has said that the ruling “tramples states rights” and that “no earthly court” can alter God’s will. Sen. Ted Cruz also came out against the ruling, going as far as proposing a constitutional amendment that would make justices subject to “periodic judicial retention elections”.

Although statements such as these may prove to resonate amongst the conservative base of the party, the statistics prove that they are out of touch with the viewpoint held by the majority of Americans. According to research done by the Pew Research Center, 57% of Americans now favor making same-sex marriage legal. Among millennials this number increases to nearly 73%.

So why do so many Republicans still come out so staunchly against or apathetical to same sex marriage? To understand this political paradox, one need only remember that we are in the middle of the Republican primaries.

The party finds itself at the same crossroad that the Democrats were at during the 1960’s. The party was torn between the traditional Southern Democrats who stood opposed to Civil Rights, and New Deal Progressives who were adapting to meet the demands of the American people.

In politics as in nature, the side that most often wins is the side that is most capable of adapting to the new political environment. The more inclusive any political movement is and the more receptive it is to change, the more likely that political movement is to grow in size and strength. Those who oppose this change in favor of exclusive and absolutist politics more often than not will find themselves facing extinction, and relegation to the waste bin of history.

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New Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Picks Majority Female Shadow Cabinet

Newly elected British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has already caused a stir by choosing the first ever majority female shadow cabinet.

The announcement came earlier today. But according to the BBC, there has been some anger over the fact that many of the traditional “senior roles” were taken all by men.

John McDonnell was appointed as the shadow chancellor (a position most similar with that of America’s Treasury Secretary.) Many have seen this as a controversial appointment due to statements that McDonnell has made in the past.

From the BBC: 

“The Hayes and Harlington MP [McDonnell] has previously faced criticism for telling a union event that he would “like to go back to the 1980s and assassinate Thatcher” and in 2003 said IRA terrorists should be “honoured” for taking part in their “armed struggle”, while attending a gathering to commemorate the IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.”

While Corbyn and his shadow secretaries are not in government, they still have a large role to play in public life- serving as a counterweight to the ruling Conservative Party.

In a press release, Corbyn expressed his excitement of his cabinet.

“We have delivered a unifying, dynamic, inclusive new Shadow Cabinet which for the first time ever has a majority of women,” Corbyn said. “I am delighted that we have established a Shadow Cabinet position for mental health which is a matter I have long been interested in.”

Owen Jones, a well-known media personality and strong Corbyn supporter took to Twitter to express his opinion that Corbyn should put more women in the more powerful shadow cabinet positions.



You can read the full list of Labour shadow secretaries here.

Cover Photo Credit: DAVID HOLT/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

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FEEL THE BERN: Sanders Now Leading Clinton In Iowa

In a shock poll out today by Quinnipiac, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders leads former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

Sanders leads Clinton by one point- 41% to 40%.

It is the first time that Sanders has been ahead of Clinton in a major polling survey in the Hawkeye state.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders has become the Eugene McCarthy of 2016,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said in a press release today. “He is the candidate of the Democratic left, against his own party’s bosses and their prized presidential candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

9-10-2015 Quinnipiac Poll: 

Sanders- 41%
Clinton- 40%
Biden- 12%
O’Malley- 3%
Webb- 1%
Chafee- 0%

The new Iowa survey was conducted between August 27 and September 8 and sampled 832 likely Democratic caucusgoers.

From the press release:

“There is a wide gender gap among Democrats today as Sanders leads Clinton 49 – 28 percent among men, with 16 percent for Biden, while Clinton leads Sanders 49 – 35 percent among women, with 9 percent for Biden.”

Cover Photo Credit: Phil Roeder/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

“A Complex Story”: Hillary Clinton Posts Late Night Apology On Facebook

In a latenight Facebook post, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized for her role in a deepening email scandal.

In the post, Clinton admitted that she should have used two email addresses during her time at the State Department-something that Colin Powell said he did during his time in the role.

Read Clinton’s full message below:

“I wanted you to hear this directly from me:

Yes, I should have used two email addresses, one for personal matters and one for my work at the State Department. Not doing so was a mistake. I’m sorry about it, and I take full responsibility.

It’s important for you to know a few key facts. My use of a personal email account was aboveboard and allowed under the State Department’s rules. Everyone I communicated with in government was aware of it. And nothing I ever sent or received was marked classified at the time. 

As this process proceeds, I want to be as transparent as possible. That’s why I’ve provided all of my work emails to the government to be released to the public, and why I’ll be testifying in public in front of the Benghazi Committee later next month.

I know this is a complex story. I could have—and should have—done a better job answering questions earlier. I’m grateful for your support, and I’m not taking anything for granted.

I understand that you may have more questions, and I am going to work to keep answering them. If you want to read more, including my emails themselves, please go here:


Thank you,


Cover Photo Credit:Marc Nozell/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

How Donald Trump Is An IRL Internet Troll

The following is an opinion piece that does not necessarily reflect the views of Rise News. It was originally published in Rise Miami News.  

By Fred Russell

In watching the almost continuous news coverage of Donald Trump’s recent gaffs, I started to notice a pattern developing. There was a word for how this man was acting.

I had my suspicions about what he may have been doing, but I couldn’t be sure. It all started when he made openly bigoted statements about Mexican immigrants, suggesting they were “rapists” and “criminals”.

Then, at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, he disrespected Senator John McCain by suggesting that he was not in fact a war hero, because he had been captured. At this point it was starting to become clear that Mr. Trump was saying these things purely to gain attention from anyone who would look in his direction.

This type of behavior is known among some internet users as “trolling”. At least that’s what it seemed like to me. Urban Dictionary defines the word “Internet Troll” as: “Someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.”

I woke up a few days later, flipped the television on to watch the news with some coffee. My suspicions were confirmed in such spectacular fashion, I did a spit-take and sprayed Mr. Trump directly in the face with my morning cup of joe. Donald Trump had publicly listed the cell phone number of a U.S. Senator, and encouraged millions of viewers on live television to give him a call. A video surfaced the next day on the internet of Senator Lindsey Graham destroying his cell phone by throwing it at a wall.

So there it was. Doxing. Wikipedia defines doxing as: ”Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents), or doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting personally identifiable information about an individual.”

They go on to explain: “Doxing may be carried out for various reasons, including to aid law enforcement, business analysis, extortioncoercionharassmentpublic shaming and vigilante justice.”

In this case, I would say that Donald Trump had doxxed his fellow Republican presidential candidate for the purpose of harassment. In true troll form, he had inconvenienced someone simply because it garnered attention for him.

I am sure some will suggest that if I know he just wants attention, I should probably refrain from writing about him and stop giving him what he wants. However, anyone familiar with the garden-variety internet troll knows that in any argument, there will be one person who points out the troll and makes a great suggestion. I am that guy.

Most internet message boards and social networks come with a special option, which allows users to break contact with anyone who bothers them. Hit the block button. Ignore him, America. Put this bigoted, antagonistic ass behind you. That is where asses belong.

Cover Photo Credit: Sarah Russell

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